The Path to Vihaan

The Path to Vihaan

My latest novel, The Path to Vihaan – an LTBTQA+ urban fantasy adventure – is book one of the Man of the Mountain series and has been honored with a B.R.A.G. Medallion.

Magic reigns in the world of Feracio, providing everything that science offers ours, and more:

Growing up in the village of Hinter, Aadima Rumetre never quite fit in.

Despite being born in a female body, he always knew he was a boy—not something the conservative village could accept and certainly not something that his parents would.

After the most tragic day in his young life, he finds himself bonded to an ancient magical weapon—a soul Hilt—yet another strike against him in his community’s eyes.

Certainly not suitable for a proper elf!

When he makes his way into the larger world, he discovers that it doesn’t approve of him either.

Elves don’t belong in proper human society!

Then, when he comes face-to-face with a demon—his world’s greatest threat—everything changes forever!

There are three sample chapters available on my site if you want to check it out before buying.