Power of the Primes Slash

Power of the Primes Slash

Power of the Primes introduces us to the sixth Dinobot (no, not Paddles, he’s non-cannon!), Slash.

Slash in package

The Card

Slash card front

My version of Slash came with a card for her Vector Prime combination.

Slash card back

The Robot

The robot mode is clearly in the Dinobot family with big Grimlock-style shoulders and the red chest that all of the other wave 1 Dinobots should have.

Slash robot mode

One thing that is obvious when you put Slash with any of the other wave one Legends is that she’s tiny – with legs and a torso only half the size of her wave-mates.

Power of the Primes Legends wave 1

The Dinosaur

The Dino mode is a surprisingly fun little velociraptor!

Slash dino mode

Prime Master Integration

The same spot that hides the dino head in robot mode doubles as a Prime Master cockpit.

Vector Slash

Vector Slash – finally a combination that matches one of my cards!


Slash joins Swoop and Slug in my PotP Dinobot collection.

Slash with Dinobots robot mode

Clearly the “little sister” of the group. I imagine she follows them on missions even when she’s told to stay home.

Here they are together in dino mode.

Slash with Dinobots

Half way there…

Power of the Primes Beachcomber

Power of the Primes Beachcomber

Wave one of the Power of the Primes Legends continues with Beachcomber.

Beachcomber in package

The Card

Beachcomber card front

My version of Beachcomber came with a card for the Megatronus combination.

Beachcomber card back

The Robot

Like Windcharger, Beachcomber looks like he just stepped out of the original cartoon.

Beachcomber robot mode

The Dune Buggy

The dune buggy looks great too, I especially like the silver engines on the back.

Beachcomber vehicle mode

Two flaws that I have to mention, there is a large gap in the back of the vehicle mode where the head is stored and the torso does not lock securely in place so it is easy to accidentally compact it.

Beachcomber vehicle mode rear

Prime Master Integration

To access the cockpit you flip up the back of the roll-bar.

Beachcomber Prime Master

The Comparison

PotP Beachcomber is a big improvement over the, much smaller, Universe/Henkei version.

Beachcomber comparison robot

The previous mold is clearly from the “updated design” phase of the Classics/Generations line and looks nothing like what we saw in the cartoon.

Beachcomber comparison vehicle
Power of the Primes Windcharger

Power of the Primes Windcharger

We’ve had several Windcharger updates over the years but this is the first version that really reflects the G1 design.

Windcharger in package

The Card

Windcharger card

My version of Windcharger came with a card for Alchemist Prime.

Windcharger card Alchemist

The Robot

If I had to pick one nit with this version of Windcharger would be how the windows are attached to his forearms, they just feel out of place. Other than that it looks like it stepped right out of the original cartoon.

Windcharger robot mode

The Car

The car mode is straight out of the cartoon as well.

Windcharger vehicle mode

Prime Master Integration

The Prime Master integration is clearly an afterthought with this figure and requires you to partially transform the back half of the car in order to access the cockpit.

Windcharger Prime Master

The Comparison

While I still love the Reveal the Shield/United Windcharger mold, this version captures the character far better.

Windcharger comparison robot mode

Even the vehicle mode is more G1 than my United Windcharger.

Windcharger comparison vehicle mode
Masterpiece Shattered Glass Optimus Prime

Masterpiece Shattered Glass Optimus Prime

I finally caved in and got a second version of the MP-10 mold during Big Bad Toy Store’s Black Friday sale Shattered Glass Optimus Prime.

Shattered Glass Optimus Prime box open

The Robot

I like how this mold can store the rifle in the robot’s back hump but, it seems to me, that this version of Prime would be a “shoot first” kind of bot.

Shattered Glass Optimus Prime robot

Subjugation is the destiny of all sentient beings!

The Truck

I was surprised to find out that this includes the trailer, I initially expected it to be more like MP-10B which does not. I don’t mind either way since I don’t have enough room to display the trailer so it will live in the box.

Shattered Glass Optimus Prime truck

The Origin

Originally introduced for Botcon 2008, Shattered Glass is a “Mirror Mirror” version of the Transformers populated with Heroic Decepticons and Evil Autobots. The concept returned with figures in several other Botcons, the Subscription Service and an e-Hobby exclusive before becoming a Masterpiece.

The Original

Well, sort of, here is Shattered Glass Optimus Prime with Hasbro’s version of MP-10 – Not-Broken Glass Optimus Prime.

Shattered Glass Optimus Prime with G1

The only thing that I dislike about this purchase is how much I now want a copy of MP-10B Black Convoy, aka Nemesis Prime. I’ve been leaning towards it ever since I realized how bare my Masterpiece Decepticon shelf would be without third-party support. But, now that I’ve gotten a taste of evil Optimus Prime, it seems wrong not to have the full trio.

Titans Return Brainstorm

Titans Return Brainstorm

Due to a very brief appearance on clearance, I was able to grab myself a new copy of Brainstorm from Walgreens.

Brainstorm in package

The Robot

Brainstorm wears this mold well, the white, grey and teal are very striking. Like with Nautica, the shoulder mounted wings really help to break up the Blurr outline.

Brainstorm robot mode

The Titan Master

Teslor is a simple repaint of the Blurr Titan Master with a new backpack.

Teslor robot mode

The Space Jet

The most noticeable difference with this version compared to G1 or the Generations Voyager is the single tail-fin necessitated by sharing Blur’s transformation engineering. The second biggest difference is the fact that the robot arms lay flat along the sides of the jet instead of doubling up under the wings – this worked OK on the G1 version but was a bit awkward on the Voyager so I don’t mind the change.

Brainstorm jet mode

The Mold

Blurr mold robot mode

I’m quite fond of the Blurr mold and now have all four versions along with Nautica and Arcee. I’m even considering picking up the soon to be re-released Legends version of Blurr that I missed the first time around.

Blurr mold vehicle mode

As you can see from the photos Brainstorm and Arcee got the most remolding with new shields, spoilers and shoulders while Nautica simply got snap-on wings.

Walgreens Exclusive?

I still find it totally bizarre that Walgreens, of all places, has exclusive Transformers. The reason I caught this deal was that I’ve been watching the site closely hoping for this year’s Walgreens exclusive, the Clone two pack, to reappear online.

Brainstorm was released in the US as an exclusive twice, also appearing in the Titan Force box set at SDCC and later Hasbro Toy Shop  in a lighter, more anime inspired, deco.

Price Roller Coaster

When originally released, Brainstorm was $17.99 on the Walgreens site. At the beginning of November, it was marked as “clearance” and the price on the listing dropped to $11.09 – unfortunately this price was not honored when adding it to the cart where it still came up at regular price. That was during the “good old days” when the Clones were still listed on their site.

Brainstorm Clearance listing
Brainstorm Clearance for real this time
Brainstorm Clearance Take 3

It didn’t take long for the clearance label to be dropped and, at the same time, the price went up to $19.99. Over Cyber Weekend, when I got this one, it went on clearance for real and the price dropped to $8.59.

That didn’t last long either and the price went up to $14.99 where it remains as of this writing.

Pricing Update

The proverbial ink on this post was barely dry when I checked Walgreens site for the clones and found this:

Brainstorm Clearance Take 4

Back up to $19.99, and no clones.