52Toys BeastBOX Dio BB-01 B.B.P.D.

I’ve been curious about this series from 52toys for a while now and finally decided to add it to an order and try it out.

DIO B.B.P.D box

Although this is the police themed version of Dio, the packaging still shows the original yellow paint job.

DIO B.B.P.D box contents

In the box you’ll find the figure, in cube mode, an Internal Structure display (which you can see through the window on the box) and a catalog of other releases in the line.

DIO B.B.P.D instructions

The, very simple, instructions are printed on the back of the box along with a teaser showing three of the other figures in the series.

The Dinosaur


Dino mode is nicely designed and fun. The neck is double jointed and ends In a ball joint and the head mounted on that joint features a jaw that opens quite wide.

DIO B.B.P.D crouched

Although the toes and heels are articulated in a way that could allow for dynamic poses, the hips and knees get in the way.

DIO B.B.P.D posed

The Cube (aka “Mech-Box”)

DIO B.B.P.D cube mode
Fits easily on a pallet.

The “Mech-Box” is understandably busy with a large gap underneath. Really more of a “ready to ship” mode than an alternate mode.

The Rest of the Line

As mentioned above, there is a pack-in catalog showing off the entire line.

BeastBOX catalog front

As you can see above, since Dio comes in eleven different versions, the front of the catalog is dominated by this single mold. The only other figure on this side is BB-02, Ghostdog, which is the same figure with a new head.

BeastBOX catalog back

The back of the catalog is where things get more interesting:

  • BB-03, Jojo, a gorilla that comes in four styles
  • BB-04, Moma (aka Elephinx), a mammoth that comes in five different styles
  • BB-05, Delta (aka Vanguard), a triceratops that comes in four styles.
  • MB-01 – an officially licensed Alien figure complete with face hugger!

Not featured in this catalog are:

  • BB-06, Rhyden, a clockwork rhinoceros
  • BB-07, Bohemoth, a hippopotamus
  • BB-08 IceQube which splits into four penguins
  • And a variety of repaints including camouflaged jungle versions

The Conclusion

Overall, I really like this figure and am thinking about getting more from the series.

Here he is with Siege Sideswipe and Masterpiece Prowl for a sense of scale.

DIO B.B.P.D with Siege Sideswipe
DIO B.B.P.D with Masterpiece Prowl
Deploying with the Highway Patrol!