Fans Toys FT-27 Spindrift

Fans Toys FT-27 Spindrift

The Seaspray inspired masterpiece-style Spindrift from Fans Toys has arrived at Junkion HQ.

The Box

Spindrift box

The first surprise with Spindrift is that it comes in a very small box for a masterpiece-class figure.

Spindrift box contents

Along with the styrafoam insert Spindrift comes with full-color instructions, trading card, three weapons and a spare head with a more boxy design.

The Robot

Spindrift robot

One thing that is immediately obvious is that this is a post-diet version of the character. Spindrift is very thin, especially when viewed beside TR Seaspray.

Spindrift robot comparison side

Spindrift includes a pistol in the G1 cartoon generic handgun style as well as two small blasters that can mount on the forearms.

Spindrift robot armed

The Hovercraft

Spindrift Hovercraft side

A word of warning, the white side pieces lock into the arms very tightly making it difficult to disconnect them when transforming back to robot mode.

The two blasters can be mounted on the hovercraft deck with the pistol between them for a “fully armed and operational” hovercraft.

Spindrift Hovercraft side
Spindrift Hovercraft armed front

The Comparisons

Spindrift robot comparison

As mentioned earlier, Spindrift has a much flatter chest than the G1 inspiration.

Spindrift Hovercraft comparison

The hovercraft mode is shaped much like G1 Seaspray with a pointed bow.

The Conclusion

Although I like the figure, the proportions seem a bit off, with the very thin chest and the trademark oversized feet it looks extremely bottom heavy.

Spindrift robot badge

It’s just a bot without a Badge