Destroy TCH 03

According to tweets from @JbGabrielLee and TFsource it looks like X2Toys and C+ Customs are putting together a combiner torso to replace Onslaught.

Destroy TCH 03 Teaser

The first image is a fuzzy teaser pic of the full combiner against X2Toys’ Autobot background set. It’s impossible to be 100% certain but those certainly look like the Combiner Wars/Unite Warriors limbs.

Destroy TCH 03 Render

TFsource included a render of the figure in robot and vehicle mode.

Off Topic: The Tick

After rewatching The Tick on Amazon then the earlier live-action version I kept thinking about a comic that I put together with my college roommate, Matt Cohen.

I had the dubious distinction of getting hooked on the orignal Tick series from New England Comics with issue #12. For anyone who is not familiar with the original comic, issue 12 ended up being the final issue after the creator, Ben Edlund, started working on the animated series for FOX. It wasn’t my first encounter with The Tick; my college roommate knew Bob Polio from the original series and sold his personal copies while we were at school.

While futilely awaiting issue #13 I was craving more Tick content. Issue #12 was released in May of 1993 and the FOX show didn’t premier until September 1994 so there was a year and a half with no Tick. NEC tried to fill the gap with the Karma Tornado series in October of 1993 but it never clicked for me like the Edlund issues did. “Fly a Mile in Another Man’s Cape” is my version of what issue #14 of The Tick might have been. Due to the limitations of the original digitization some of Matt’s pencil work is a bit hard to see but hopefully it will still get the idea across.

Here’s the cover and teaser page:

Tick Cover
Tick Teaser
Titans Return Tripplechangers

Titans Return Tripplechangers

After much waiting and anticipation the last two Tripplechangers from Titans Return have finally arrived at Junkion HQ.


I hate to say it, but I’m disappointed.

I enjoyed Laser Optimus Prime from Chaos On Velocitron so much that I purchased the original Diac & Optimus Prime to go with it.


I especially liked how the Rodimus Prime head looks on this mold.

But, right out of the box, Blitzwing and Octone both have mangled Decepticon badges. I was able to smooth out the one on Octone but Blitzwing’s was unrecoverable.

Sad Decepticon Logo

I don’t have the pre-mold Megatron version so I was really looking forward to Blitzwing but the stickers are just so poor that it sucks the fun out of the figure. I wasn’t happy with the stickers on Laser Optimus Prime’s trailer, but they’re mostly out of the way, especially in robot mode.

Octone's Sad Wing

Another disappointment is that one of my Octone’s wings is extremely loose and rarely stays in place. The only good thing about this is that is that, while looking for more stable configurations, I stumbled on a fun Shockwave mode.


The good news here is for ToyHax who will probably be selling two more sets of labels to clean up my sad Tripplechangers very soon.

Decepticons Rule!