Power of the Primes Tailgate

Repaint or no, I’ve been looking forward to Tailgate and now he’s here!

The Card

Tailgate card front

My version of Tailgate came with a card for the Solus Prime combination – Solus Tailgate which, ironically, seems to give him Windcharger‘s special magnetic power.

Tailgate card back

The Car

Tailgate vehicle mode

The black and white is very striking on this mold and the large Autobot symbol gives it a G1 Sideswipe feel.

Unfortunately, the color-matching (or at least gloss level) between the painted parts and the white plastic is very poor giving the car a bright white stripe across the middle.

The Robot

Tailgate robot mode

I really like how the painted chest details makes this figure look  dramatically different from Windcharger. I also like how the new head has the little panel on the back to invoke the feel of the G1 toy.

Fortunately, the color-matching issue that is so obvious in vehicle mode is barely noticeable in robot mode.

Prime Master Integration

Tailgate Prime MasterOf course there’s a Prime Master inside, can’t you see the empty armor?

As I mentioned in my Windcharger review, getting a Prime Master into the cockpit is a very awkward process which requires you to transform the entire back half of the car. The Prime Master fits in well but the windows are so dark that you cannot tell that it’s there.

The Comparisons

Tailgagte with Cliffjumper

The only physical difference between the two is the head but, as mentioned above, the deco on Tailgate does a great job of differentiating the two.

Tailgagte with Cliffjumper vehicle mode

Although the Thrilling 30 version captures the IDW look extremely well, it looks spindly next to this one which is equally good at capturing the G1 feel. PotP Tailgate will definitely replace the T30 version on my display.

Tailgate with T30 robot mode

It’s more of a draw when it comes to vehicle mode. The T30 version, despite the busy hood deco (which was omitted in the Legends release), is a good looking muscle car and holds up well with the PotP version.

Tailgate with T30 vehicle mode

Power of the Primes Duocons

Power of the Primes Duocons

Power of the Primes, like Titans Return before it, has given us some unexpected releases in the form of Pretenders and now – the Duocons.

Duocons robot mode

Duocons vehicle mode

Roadtrap – The Card

Roadtrap card front

My version of Roadtrap came with a card for the Quintus Prime combination.

Roadtrap card back

Roadtrap – The Truck

Roadtrap vehicle mode

The front half of the truck is convincing, the rest – considerably less so being made up entirely of Roadtrap’s chest.

Roadtrap – The Robot

Roadtrap robot mode

Although the robot mode looks more convincing than the truck mode it has a few issues. The upper arms are not capable of moving backwards since they hit up against the hinge that they’re attached to. Also, the chest does not lock together as solidly as I would like and is prone to splitting.

Battleslash – The Card

Battleslash card front

My version of Battleslash came with a card for the Liege Maximo combination.

Battleslash card back

Battleslash – The Helicopter

Battleslash vehicle mode

Unfortunately, Battleslash’s helicopter mode is a bit awkward with a tiny rotor and a big gap in the nose where the two figures connect.

Battleslash – The Robot

Battleslash robot mode

Fortunately, the robot mode is much better, although it has a similar problem to Roadtrap where the shoulder joints cannot move backwards.



This is where these two Legends shine. The one flaw is the unfortunately placed rotor in the combined mode which hangs down behind the robot.

Battletrap rear view

The Conclusion

Although the individual robots were not entirely successful, I’m glad that the designers put in the extra effort to create them. A big improvement on the original G1 figure with a very solid combined mode.

360 Degree Turnaround Videos


In this video, you can see Roadtrap’s dirty little secret – his very hollow back.



Power of the Primes Grimlock

Power of the Primes Grimlock

The Dinobot leader has arrived at Junkion HQ!

The Card

My version of Grimlock came with a card for the Liege Maximo combination.

Grimlock card back

I suspect that those “truths” are all the same – “Me Grimlock smash”.

The Dinosaur

The weakest mode is the dinosaur who has far more “junk in the trunk” than previous releases. The top half is extremely accurate and has a great look and feel that screams Grimlock. The lower half however looks like he stomped through some poison ivy and is a bit swollen. Still a fun figure but the proportions seem a little off.

The Robot

Grimlock robot mode

The robot mode is a lot of fun and is, without question, G1 Grimlock. The weakest element is probably the chest which, due to the transformation, is split down the front which can leave a gap if you’re not careful.

The Combiner

In this line Grimlock is not only the leader of the Dinobots but also the torso of their combined form Volcanicus. I can’t wait until the last two Dinobots are released so that I can fully build this out.

Armless VolcanicusSadly, my Volcanicus is totally armless.


Grimlock joins Slash, Swoop and Slug in my PotP Dinobot collection.

Dinobots to date

The Dinobot swarm continues to grow.

Power of the Primes Starscream

Voyager Starscream has arrived at Junkion HQ!

The Card

Starscream card front

My version of Starsream came with a card for the Onyx Prime combination. The power of “the patience of a vulture” seems incredibly appropriate for Starscream.

Starscream card back

The Jet

Starscream jet mode

Sadly the jet is disappointing and easily the weakest mode. The decals on the wings are as poor as expected and give it a cheap feel. Also, there is no good way to get the feet out of the way so it tilts forward awkwardly.

The Robot

Starscream robot mode

My initial impression of Starscream was that it was a Popeye version but in hand I get a more Robot Heroes feel. All it needs is an oversized head to complete the impression. Passable but certainly not a replacement for the original Classics update.

The Combiner

This Starscream can also form the torso of a combiner and this is where this mold shines.. He has no official team that we’ve been informed of but pairing him with the Combaticons and Liokaiser are popular.

Starscream combined modeJust to be different – Menascream

I like the torso mode which has a strong movie-Starscream vibe. The biggest flaw here being the doors for the Enigma of Combination chamber which are very thin and easy to accidentally push into the body during transformation.

Power of the Primes Slash

Power of the Primes Slash

Power of the Primes introduces us to the sixth Dinobot (no, not Paddles, he’s non-cannon!), Slash.

Slash in package

The Card

Slash card front

My version of Slash came with a card for her Vector Prime combination.

Slash card back

The Robot

The robot mode is clearly in the Dinobot family with big Grimlock-style shoulders and the red chest that all of the other wave 1 Dinobots should have.

Slash robot mode

One thing that is obvious when you put Slash with any of the other wave one Legends is that she’s tiny – with legs and a torso only half the size of her wave-mates.

Power of the Primes Legends wave 1

The Dinosaur

The Dino mode is a surprisingly fun little velociraptor!

Slash dino mode

Prime Master Integration

The same spot that hides the dino head in robot mode doubles as a Prime Master cockpit.

Vector SlashVector Slash – finally a combination that matches one of my cards!


Slash joins Swoop and Slug in my PotP Dinobot collection.

Slash with Dinobots robot modeClearly the “little sister” of the group. I imagine she follows them on missions even when she’s told to stay home.

Here they are together in dino mode.

Slash with Dinobots

Half way there…

Power of the Primes Beachcomber

Power of the Primes Beachcomber

Wave one of the Power of the Primes Legends continues with Beachcomber.

Beachcomber in package

The Card

Beachcomber card front

My version of Beachcomber came with a card for the Megatronus combination.

Beachcomber card back

The Robot

Like Windcharger, Beachcomber looks like he just stepped out of the original cartoon.

Beachcomber robot mode

The Dune Buggy

The dune buggy looks great too, I especially like the silver engines on the back.

Beachcomber vehicle mode

Two flaws that I have to mention, there is a large gap in the back of the vehicle mode where the head is stored and the torso does not lock securely in place so it is easy to accidentally compact it.

Beachcomber vehicle mode rear

Prime Master Integration

To access the cockpit you flip up the back of the roll-bar.

Beachcomber Prime Master

The Comparison

PotP Beachcomber is a big improvement over the, much smaller, Universe/Henkei version.

Beachcomber comparison robot

The previous mold is clearly from the “updated design” phase of the Classics/Generations line and looks nothing like what we saw in the cartoon.

Beachcomber comparison vehicle

Power of the Primes Windcharger

Power of the Primes Windcharger

We’ve had several Windcharger updates over the years but this is the first version that really reflects the G1 design.

Windcharger in package

The Card

Windcharger card

My version of Windcharger came with a card for Alchemist Prime.

Windcharger card Alchemist

The Robot

If I had to pick one nit with this version of Windcharger would be how the windows are attached to his forearms, they just feel out of place. Other than that it looks like it stepped right out of the original cartoon.

Windcharger robot mode

The Car

The car mode is straight out of the cartoon as well.

Windcharger vehicle mode

Prime Master Integration

The Prime Master integration is clearly an afterthought with this figure and requires you to partially transform the back half of the car in order to access the cockpit.

Windcharger Prime Master

The Comparison

While I still love the Reveal the Shield/United Windcharger mold, this version captures the character far better.

Windcharger comparison robot mode

Even the vehicle mode is more G1 than my United Windcharger.

Windcharger comparison vehicle mode

Power of the Primes Swoop

Power of the Primes Swoop

Finally, my favorite Dinobot has been updated and is here at Junkion HQ!

Swoop on card

The Card

Like previous lines, deluxes and above come with trading cards.

Swoop card front

Unlike other lines, there are twelve different cards for each figure, one representing that character’s power when combined with each of the Prime Masters. My version of Swoop came with a card for Nexus Prime.

Swoop card back

The Robot

My only complaint is that I would have preferred the red-chested Swoop as shown on the card based on my established preference for toy-inspired decos for toys based on toys I owned as a youth.

Swoop robot mode

Bonus shot – Predacon wing mode, just what I was hoping for.

Swoop robot mode wings

Armor mode – aka Swoop with a black box on his chest.

Swoop robot armor

The Dinosaur

Swoop in Pteranodon mode.

Swoop dino mode

Here he is perched upright.

Swoop dino mode wings

And with the BFH mounted, which much make flying so much easier.

Swoop dino mode with armor

Prime Master Integration

Here is Vector Swoop, enhanced with the power to vectorize the enemy, or something, my card doesn’t say.

Swoop robot mode armor

Prime Master Vector Prime in weapon mode which comes in handy since Swoop only comes with a sword.

Swoop robot mode Prime Master

With Slug

Swoop joins Slug in my growing PotP Dinobot collection.

Swoop robot mode with Slug

Here they are together in dino mode.

Swoop dino mode with Slug

Power of the Primes Slug

Power of the Primes Slug

Finally, updated Dinobots have arrived at Junkion HQ!

Slug on cardDon’t call him by that old name, he’s the sensitive Dinobot

The Card

Like previous lines, deluxes and above come with trading cards.

Slug card

Unlike other lines, there are twelve different cards for each figure, one representing that character’s power when combined with each of the Prime Masters. My version of Slug came with a card for Amalgamous Prime.

Slug card back

The Robot

There’s no question that this is the Dinobot Sla… Slug.

Slug robot mode

The BFH posts into Slug’s lower jaw, I’m still not impressed with this feature.

Slug robot armor

The Dinosaur

Again, an instantly recognizable Dinobot!

Slug dino mode

The BFH works a little better in dino mode even though it lacks any real function. The spikes are nice though.

Slug dino mode bfh

Prime Master Integration

Here is Micronus Slag, an integration which empowers him to, uh, I don’t know. That was one of the 11 cards I didn’t get.

Slug robot mode Prime Master

Prime Master Micronus in weapon mode to give Slag some extra firepower.

Slug robot mode Prime Master

Just what we need, a more dangerous Dinobot.

Slug dino mode Prime Master

Next up… SWOOP!