Poor Thundercracker

Poor Thundercracker

I recently skimmed a thread about the RID toy-line ending where Imperator was talking about still wanting Thundercracker and it got me thinking. Poor Thundercracker has often gotten shafted – most famously; the last original Seeker released in Masterpiece format and a Botcon exclusive during the Classics era. But what kept bubbling up in my mind is my collection of Legends Seekers from Cybertron/Galaxy Force.

Legends Cybertron Seekers

As you may notice in the photo above there is a distinct lack of blue and an abundance of grey. This mold was released ten times, five of those were Starscream and even Sunstorm got a retail release but no TC. I’m still half expecting a release as Acidstorm just to rub salt in the wound.

Sunstorm backed with Starscreams

Skywarp was the only other bot of the original Trio released in this mold.

Seeker trio

I’ve utilized a seasonally appropriate stand-in for the missing TC here. At least, I think it’s appropriate, we were “booed” and this Wizard (I think) was part of the package.

All three coneheads were released and, due to the transformation, they can even have pseudo-coneheads.

Coneheads trio

As you may have guessed by now, I love this mold. It’s small and fun and, for me, gives us the best Cybertronian Seeker that has been released by any company. I’ve had these displayed in my (extremely dusty) shadow-box on the wall behind the computer monitors in my home office for years.

Ark Shadowbox

Another benefit to this mold is the fact that, unlike the deluxe version, it does not require a Cyber Key to deploy the weapons.

Legends Cybertron weapons

The transformation is very similar to the Deluxe and just as effective.

Legends Cybertron flyers

The Deluxe version of this mold was only re-released once as a Thrust-colored version of Starscream and the Ultra version was never repainted as a different character.

To close, my favorite Seeker Thrust, the only one I actually had back in the 80s.