Transform and Rollout TR-01 Agent Meister

Transform and Rollout’s first release, TR-01 Agent Meister (aka Masterpiece Jazz and the robot formerly known as Hova) has arrived at JunkionHQ!

Agent Meister box

Inside the box you’ll find Jazz’s signature rifle, two speakers, his TOE* winch, instructions and a trading card.

Agent Meister box contents

The Robot

The robot looks great however, the transformation has a couple of rough points. The worst is how the shoulders have to be twisted into place to lock into two indents on the underside of the hood which feels very awkward. So awkward in fact that I haven’t tried the alternate toy-accurate mode (where the wheels sit above the shoulders) for fear of over stressing them. Also, the wheel wells on his calves don’t lock into place and can shift during posing, as they have in the following photo.

Agent Meister robot mode

The cone speakers post into the back of each shoulder and the hip flaps fold out to reveal a second set of speakers.

Agent Meister with speakers
Ready to rock and roll!
Agent Meister grappling hook
Grappling hook deployed!

The Porsche

Agent Meister vehice mode

One of the things I really liked about this version of Jazz is the vehicle mode, which is spot on with all of the original livery.

Agent Meister vehice mode

One of the best parts of the vehicle mode is the back end which is problematic on both ToyWorld’s Coolsville (which has a big black bulge under the rear bumper) and Make Toys Downbeat (which has a weird dropped rear bumper).

Agent Meister vehice mode back end

A True Masterpiece

Agent Meister vehicle mode with Sideswipe

Meister really fits in well with Masterpiece Sideswipe!

Agent Meister with Sideswipe

The Conclusion

Quite a promising start for Transform and Rollout. I love the look of the figure in both modes and am happy to have this as my official Masterpiece Jazz!

My biggest gripe is that the ankle tilt is so slight that it makes dynamic poses difficult. Oddly enough, this kind of works too since it puts him in the same possibility class as Sideswipe.

Agent Meister with rifle

I have heard some people complain about having the entire car hood sticking out of his chest. For me, it reminds me of the original figure so, instead of a flaw, I see it as a nostalgic nod to G1. Take a look and judge for yourself:

Agent Meister chest side view

* That One Episode” – the obligatory accessory that the character used once in the cartoon.