War for Cybertron Siege Jetfire

War for Cybertron Siege Jetfire

War for Cybertron Siege Commander-class Jetfire has arrived and there is really only one word that describes this figure: WOW!

The Box

The box is, unsurprisingly, huge with a tease of the upcoming Titan-class Omega Supreme.

Jetfire box

The Robot

Robot mode has quite a presence in hand and not just due to the size. This is unquestionably “Skyfire” from the G1 cartoon.


There are so many little details with no splotchy “weathering” to get in the way.

Jetfire side
Jetfire back
Jetfire backpack
Jetfire face

They even included a TOE* swapable faction symbol to recreate his brief time with the Decepticons.

Jetfire Decepticon

The 5mm port in the hand is very clever, it moves out of the way when the hand is open and back again when it is closed.

Jetfire hand open
Jetfire hand closed

The battle mask stores in a dedicated chamber within the extra chest armor.

Jetfire mask storage

Here he is with all of his armor attached.

Jetfire in armor

An now with effects!

Jetfire effect parts

My only complaint is that there’s no ankle tilt which can limit poseability.

Jetfire foot

The Space Jet

Jet mode is, once again, almost straight from the cartoon with lots of little details.

Jetfire vehicle mode
Jetfire details intake
Jetfire details top
Jetfire details calf

It even has retracting landing gear:

Jetfire details landing gear front
Jetfire details landing gear rear

It comes packaged with a plug in the cockpit covered with tech details, if you remove this you can place a Titan Master there instead.

Jetfire open cockpit with filler
Jetfire open cockpit empty
Jetfire open cockpit with Titan Master
Jetfire cockpit with Titan Master


Instead of the splotches found on many Siege releases, the weathering on Jetfire is limited to much more subtle grey paint applications on the jet nose and robot legs.

Jetfire details jet nose
Jetfire leg weathering

Weaponizer Parts

The armor and weapons can be assembled into a jet sled.

Jetfire armor sled side view
Jetfire armor sled front view

The Conclusion

A truly great figure that fully justifies the new size class. Here he is with Siege Optimus Prime to give you a better sense of scale.

Jetfire with Optimus Prime

* That One Episode” – the obligatory accessory that the character used once in the cartoon.

New Age H5B Alonzo

New Age H5B Alonzo

Basic black is a great look for the Maverick mold!

The Box

Alonzo’s box is inspired by the 2007 movie toy line packaging and includes a huge window on the front.

Alonzo box

It is the first release in the line that was not given a function. Even Multiverse Cyclops was had a function of “Security Police”.

There’s also a movie-style bumblebee logo on the back

Alonzo box back

In the box you get a rifle, two shoulder cannons and the same instruction sheet that came with Harry.

Alonzo box contents

It is a little disappointing that they painted the weapons gold instead of just casting them in that color. The unpainted rifle handle really stands out and the extra paint makes the shoulder cannons extremely difficult to use.

The Robot

The robot mode doesn’t have any changes from Maverick with the sole exception of having Harry’s roof.

Alonzo side
Alonzo back
Alonzo head

The Datsun

Here’s where this release really shines! The classic black and white police car looks fantastic.

Alonzo vehicle mode
Alonzo vehicle door POLICE
Sadly mine has a scratch on the door that really stands out in close-ups.
Alonzo: to punish V enslave...
The language barrier turns Barricade’s slogan into “to punish V enslave…”
Alonzo vehicle POLICE

The Comparisons

Side-by-side with Harry

Alonzo with Harry
Alonzo and Harry vehicle mode
Alonzo and Harry vehicle mode

Side-by-side with Maverick

Alonzo with Maverick
Alonzo and Maverick vehicle mode

When side-by-side with Maverick and Harry

Alonzo with Maverick and Harry
Maverick, Alonzo and Harry vehicle mode

The Name

When I first Googled the name, the most fitting thing that I saw was on the Urban Dictionary where it’s defined as “tall dark and handsome”. However, ty_starr on TFW2005 had a thought that fits the pattern better, “Alonzo references the movie Training Day. Denzel Washington played a dirty cop named Alonzo.”

The Conclusion

Although this is another oddball release like Cyclops I’m very glad they did it.

Alonzo robot mode armed

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H5B Alonzo

New Age H4 Murphy

New Age H4 Murphy

The rapid-fire releases continue with Murphy, aka G1 Bluestreak in animation colors.

The Box

The box is a G1 tribute in the same vein as Max.

Murphy box
Murphy box back
Murphy box top

Inside the box you get instructions, a rifle and two redesigned shoulder cannon.

Murphy box contents

The Robot

The anime colors look great on this mold and the red parts really pop.

Murphy robot mode
Murphy robot mode side
Murphy robot mode back
Murphy head

Here’s a close-up of the new anime-style shoulder cannons.

Murphy shoulder cannon

The Datsun

Not surprisingly, the vehicle mode is just as impressive as the other Datsuns.

Murphy vehicle mode
Murphy hood

The wheels are dark grey rather than black.

Murphy wheel

The Comparisons

Side-by-side with Harry:

Murphy with Harry
Murphy with Harry side
Murphy with Harry back
Murphy with Harry vehicle mode

The Name

As originally speculated by Scurv on the TFW2005 boards, the name comes from Robocop (1987). This thought was most succinctly put by zeroblue2099 on TFW2005, “Alex Murphy starts the movie as a cop (Prowl) and is rebuilt into a black and silver cyborg”.

The Conclusion

This will be the primary Bluestreak for my display as far as robot mode goes.

Murphy armed

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H4 Murphy