New Age H7 McCoy

New Age H7 McCoy

McCoy, aka G1 Ironhide, has arrived at JunkionHQ!

The Box

McCoy box
McCoy box back

Inside the box you get a rifle, two sets of spare hands, a liquid nitrogen dispenser and sheet of instructions.

McCoy box contents

The Robot

Like Miller, the robot mode is a great representation of the animation model.

McCoy robot mode
McCoy side
McCoy back
McCoy head

One thing that you might have noticed in the box contents photo above is that the extra posed hands are all molded in black where the fists are grey.

McCoy hand colors

The Vannette

Also like Miller, the vehicle mode is spot on.

McCoy vehicle mode

The Name

I feel that the name comes from the Hatfield–McCoy feud. However, but there is a strong argument by Autobrat Leader, TFW2005 boards that it refers to the McCoy Miller company which explains both van names.

The Conclusion


Miller and McCoy

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