Wild Kidz Iron Deck

I picked up a few of Wild Kidz’s new Iron Deck background sets to try out.

The Contents

The Iron Deck set comes in a fancy anti-static bag.

Iron Deck bag

Inside the bag are ten panels, eighteen panel connectors, two arm bases, four arm segments, two claw bases, two inner claws and two outer claws.

Iron Deck parts

The Panels

The panels are two sided, one with 5mm holes and one without. The hinges are uni-directional so you have the option of showing either side.

Iron Deck panel with ports
Iron Deck panel

The connectors are also uni-directional and two sided with a circular mold mark on one side.

The Constructions

The hinge connectors give you a lot of options but do also function as hinges so you will need side walls of some kind if you want to use these to build a display background.

Iron Deck grey background

You can also use the kit to build crates or lifts for your display. This is where they really add something new

Iron Deck platform

The Conclusion

Make sure to assemble your display in place, the panel connectors do not provide enough structural stability to survive a move. I ended up having to build my new corner display twice because it fell apart when I tried to slide it into place. The display below is constructed with three sets of the Iron Deck panels.

Iron Deck corner shelf empty