New Age H6L clear Max

New Age H6L clear Max

The clear version of Max has arrived at JunkionHQ!

The Box

The box is similar to those of the other two Maxes but the background has been changed to a much lighter blue and green gradient

Clear Max box
Clear Max box back

In the box you get the same instructions and three piece “beam up” stand as the original Max.

Clear Max box contents

The Robot

Same bot – now see-through!

Clear Max robot mode
Clear Max robot mode side
Clear Max robot mode back
Clear Max head
Clear Max chest
Clear Max UFO front
Clear Max shoulder


The UFO mode…

Clear Max UFO

The Comparisons

Here are all three versions of Max.

Max family lineup
Autobot symbol sold separately
Max family lineup UFO mode
Autobot symbol sold separately

The Conclusion

Certainly not a “must have” release unless you’re one of the lucky few who own the Weibo giveaway Heart of Gold Flipper or Ion Storm Max. Still, it is a very cool looking figure!

Max family lineup
The Max fleet (Autobot symbol sold separately)

360 Degree Turnaround

New Age H6B Max V2

New Age H6B Max V2

The blue version of Max (aka Go Bots Pathfinder) has arrived at JunkionHQ!

The Box

Max V2’s box is pretty much the same as V1.

Max V2 box

One odd thing about the back of the box is that it shows the clear display stand that’s included with the other versions of Max.

Max V2 box back

In the box you get the same instructions and three piece “beam up” stand (this time in yellow).

Max V2 box contents
Backwards Max, just like in the box

The Name

The one thing that bothers me about this release is the name: Max V2. Their first Go Bot inspired release wasn’t called Flipper V2. They’ve even given names to all of the Bluestreak variants; Murphy for the animation silver and black version, Kitt for Diaclone blue, and Black Rain for the all silver toy version. So why does Max’s repaint miss out?

Max V2 box bottom
Just call me Max too

The Robot

Max is an enormously adorable rotund little figure, now in blue

Max V2 robot mode
Max V2 side
Max V2 back
Max V2 head
Not actually evil despite the red eyes!
Max V2 chest
Max V2 UFO front
Max V2 balanced on stand


The UFO mode looks great in blue!

Max V2 UFO
Max V2 UFO on stand

The Comparisons

Here are both versions of Max.

Max V2 with V1
(Autobot symbol sold separately)
Max V2 UFO mode with V1

The Conclusion

Being a straight repaint, this figure is just as good as the original Max. I still wish he had a name though.

Max V2 partying with V1

360 Degree Turnaround

New Age H2P Cyclops

New Age H2P Cyclops

Cyclops, aka Binaltech Laserwave inspired Shockwave and the oddest release in the Legendary Heroes line, has arrived at JunkionHQ!

The Box

While most of the box is G1 inspired like Capoeira, the front has a drawing of Cyclops, peaking out from an alley.

Cyclops box

The back of the box shows Cyclops reporting to Shattered Glass Optimus Prime (hopefully a hint of things to come).

Cyclops box back

Since this is a limited release it reuses the instructions and plastic insert created for Manero which can be a little confusing. To be clear, the rifle slot should be empty since Cyclops does not include any accessories.

Cyclops box contents

The Robot

Since Laserwave was a repaint of Meister in the Binaltech line it makes sense (from a certain point of view) to make Cyclops a repaint of Manero.

Cyclops robot mode

One thing that you’ll notice is that there are very few paint apps for the robot mode, which makes it a very purple-forward figure as it should be.

Cyclops side
Cyclops back

True to the character, the left hand has been replaced with a cannon. Due to limitations in how the arms fold into the vehicle mode the cannon is rather short.

Cyclops hand

The new head, as expected in this line, is spot on and includes a nice arrow detail on the top.

Cyclops head
Cyclops head top

The Porsche

The vehicle mode is much plainer than the other versions of this mold which matches the the Binaltech inspriation.

Cyclops vehicle mode
Cyclops hood details
Cyclops wheel details

The Original Tease

H2 was originally teased in July 2018 with the following image:

New Age H2 Teaser
Photo by New Age Toys (via Weibo)

With the Shockwave head on a Jazz chest the silhouette covers both Manero and Cyclops. The black latex gloves, hopefully, were simply a reference to Shockwave as an experimental scientist.

The Comparisons

Side-by-side with Manero you can really see how simple the deco on this figure is.

Cyclops with Manero
Cyclops vehicle mode with Manero

To get a better idea of the size, here is Cyclops with Power of the Primes Shockwave.

Cyclops with Shockwave
Cyclops vehicle mode with Shockwave

360 Degree Turnaround

The Conclusion

As mentioned above, this is not supposed to be G1 Shockwave but rather an interpretation of Laserwave from the Binaltech line. I do not believe that this excludes the possibility of a true G1-inspired Shockwave later in the line, but time will tell.

Cyclops with Manero

New Age H2G Capoeira

New Age H2G Capoeira

Capoeira (aka G1 Stepper, Ricochet or Manero repaint #1) is here!

The Box

Like Max, Capoeira’s box is G1 inspired with a grid starburst pattern behind the robot mode photo.

Capoeira box
Capoeira box back

Since this is a limited release it reuses the instructions created for Manero. You also get a gold version of the rifle.

Capoeira box contents

The Robot

All the glory of Manero in black and gold!

Capoeira robot mode
Capoeira side
Capoeira back

As you can see on the box, New Age is a bit fixated with mounting the rifle on the figure’s shoulder which, for me, just reinforces that it does not include a version of Nebulon (aka Nightstick) who originally would have been placed there.

Capoeira shoulder rifle
No really, it’s a Target Master

The Porsche

Just like the original toy, this Porsche 935 Turbo looks fantastic in black!

Capoeira vehicle
Capoeira door detail
Capoeira hood detail
Capoeira vehicle wheel

The Comparisons

This is a pure repaint, but the colors really pop.

Capoeira with Manero
(Autobot symbol sold separately)
Capoeira vehicle with Manero
(Autobot symbol sold separately)

Here he is with United Stepper, a great repaint of my favorite modern Jazz mold.

Capoeira with Stepper
Capoeira vehicle mode with Stepper

360 Degree Turnaround

The Conclusion

A great looking repaint that I am very happy to have in my New Age display!

Capoeira with Manero
(Autobot symbol sold separately)