Mech Fans Toys MF-26 Sharktticons

Due to a recent eBay sale I added Mech Fans Toys Sharktticons (the extra “t” is for intellectual property rights!) to my collection.

The Box

The box features a movie-inspired scene of the Sharktticons attacking Hot Rod.

Sharktticons box

Inside the box are three Sharktticons, their maces, antennae (including spares!) and newly-designed pistols.

Sharktticons box contents

Note: The antennae do not come installed, I installed mine before taking this photo so the ones you can see here are the spares

The Regular Edition

A much darker version of the Legends Sharkticon, with the paint apps on the head removed and the beast hands painted blue like Titans Return Gnaw. In addition to the antennae, the robot fists have been modified so that they can be rotated or removed.

Robot Mode

The antennae are extremely thin and, in robot mode, point down. I’m actually worried about leaving them in robot mode for fear that they’ll wobble and snap one off.

Sharktticons robot mode

Beast Mode

Here is where those antennae really shine!

Sharktticons beast mode side view

The Special Edition

The third shark in the box is a version with clear pink parts and a slightly different paint application.

Robot Mode

I’m not crazy about this version, but I do like that they put a little extra effort into it with the new paint scheme on both the figure and weapons.

Sharktticons robot mode se

Beast Mode

The antennae are clear pink to match the arms, fin and jaw.

Sharktticons beast mode se side view

Quality Control Issues

Sadly, the left arm on mine came off during the first transformation. Also, the left side of the beast head was loose out of the box and eventually came off of the rivet.

Sharktticons se issues

Comparing the Editions

As mentioned above, it’s not just clear plastic, but a reworked paint job that makes this version stand out.

Robot Mode

Standing next to the regular version you can see that the special edition is very pink in robot mode.

Sharktticons se comparison
Sharktticons se side view comparison

Beast Mode

The beast mode is not quite as pink since those parts are mostly on the underside.

Sharktticons se beast mode comparison
Sharktticons se beast mode side view comparison

The Comparisons

These are 1 to 1 knockoffs of the original.

Robot Mode

Legends on the left, Sharktticon in the middle and Titans Return on the right.

Sharktticons comparison
Sharktticons comparison side view

Beast Mode

Sharktticons comparison beast mode
Sharktticons comparison beast mode side

The Conclusion

Sharktticons antennae

The first thing to remember is that these are not toys, the antennae alone would fail any safety inspection. That said, they do make nice display pieces.

Sharktticons beast mode

Here’s a shot with the rest of my Sharkticon swarm.

Sharkticon swarm