Transform and Rollout TR-01 Agent Meister

Transform and Rollout’s first release, TR-01 Agent Meister (aka Masterpiece Jazz and the robot formerly known as Hova) has arrived at JunkionHQ!

Agent Meister box

Inside the box you’ll find Jazz’s signature rifle, two speakers, his TOE* winch, instructions and a trading card.

Agent Meister box contents

The Robot

The robot looks great however, the transformation has a couple of rough points. The worst is how the shoulders have to be twisted into place to lock into two indents on the underside of the hood which feels very awkward. So awkward in fact that I haven’t tried the alternate toy-accurate mode (where the wheels sit above the shoulders) for fear of over stressing them. Also, the wheel wells on his calves don’t lock into place and can shift during posing, as they have in the following photo.

Agent Meister robot mode

The cone speakers post into the back of each shoulder and the hip flaps fold out to reveal a second set of speakers.

Agent Meister with speakers
Ready to rock and roll!
Agent Meister grappling hook
Grappling hook deployed!

The Porsche

Agent Meister vehice mode

One of the things I really liked about this version of Jazz is the vehicle mode, which is spot on with all of the original livery.

Agent Meister vehice mode

One of the best parts of the vehicle mode is the back end which is problematic on both ToyWorld’s Coolsville (which has a big black bulge under the rear bumper) and Make Toys Downbeat (which has a weird dropped rear bumper).

Agent Meister vehice mode back end

A True Masterpiece

Agent Meister vehicle mode with Sideswipe

Meister really fits in well with Masterpiece Sideswipe!

Agent Meister with Sideswipe

The Conclusion

Quite a promising start for Transform and Rollout. I love the look of the figure in both modes and am happy to have this as my official Masterpiece Jazz!

My biggest gripe is that the ankle tilt is so slight that it makes dynamic poses difficult. Oddly enough, this kind of works too since it puts him in the same possibility class as Sideswipe.

Agent Meister with rifle

I have heard some people complain about having the entire car hood sticking out of his chest. For me, it reminds me of the original figure so, instead of a flaw, I see it as a nostalgic nod to G1. Take a look and judge for yourself:

Agent Meister chest side view

* That One Episode” – the obligatory accessory that the character used once in the cartoon.

52Toys BeastBOX Dio BB-01 B.B.P.D.

I’ve been curious about this series from 52toys for a while now and finally decided to add it to an order and try it out.

DIO B.B.P.D box

Although this is the police themed version of Dio, the packaging still shows the original yellow paint job.

DIO B.B.P.D box contents

In the box you’ll find the figure, in cube mode, an Internal Structure display (which you can see through the window on the box) and a catalog of other releases in the line.

DIO B.B.P.D instructions

The, very simple, instructions are printed on the back of the box along with a teaser showing three of the other figures in the series.

The Dinosaur


Dino mode is nicely designed and fun. The neck is double jointed and ends In a ball joint and the head mounted on that joint features a jaw that opens quite wide.

DIO B.B.P.D crouched

Although the toes and heels are articulated in a way that could allow for dynamic poses, the hips and knees get in the way.

DIO B.B.P.D posed

The Cube (aka “Mech-Box”)

DIO B.B.P.D cube mode
Fits easily on a pallet.

The “Mech-Box” is understandably busy with a large gap underneath. Really more of a “ready to ship” mode than an alternate mode.

The Rest of the Line

As mentioned above, there is a pack-in catalog showing off the entire line.

BeastBOX catalog front

As you can see above, since Dio comes in eleven different versions, the front of the catalog is dominated by this single mold. The only other figure on this side is BB-02, Ghostdog, which is the same figure with a new head.

BeastBOX catalog back

The back of the catalog is where things get more interesting:

  • BB-03, Jojo, a gorilla that comes in four styles
  • BB-04, Moma (aka Elephinx), a mammoth that comes in five different styles
  • BB-05, Delta (aka Vanguard), a triceratops that comes in four styles.
  • MB-01 – an officially licensed Alien figure complete with face hugger!

Not featured in this catalog are:

  • BB-06, Rhyden, a clockwork rhinoceros
  • BB-07, Bohemoth, a hippopotamus
  • BB-08 IceQube which splits into four penguins
  • And a variety of repaints including camouflaged jungle versions

The Conclusion

Overall, I really like this figure and am thinking about getting more from the series.

Here he is with Siege Sideswipe and Masterpiece Prowl for a sense of scale.

DIO B.B.P.D with Siege Sideswipe
DIO B.B.P.D with Masterpiece Prowl
Deploying with the Highway Patrol!
New Age H1G Gremlin

New Age H1G Gremlin

New Age‘s Gremlin “gold” repaint of their Flipper mini-bot has arrived at Junkion HQ.

Gremlin in box

In the box is an extremely tiny pistol, jet pack and instructions sheet.

Gremlin box contents

Like the original G1 Goldbug, Gremlin is more of a mustard yellow than a gold.

The VW Bug

The only drawback with the vehicle mode is that it lacks rolling wheels.

Gremlin vehicle mode

The Robot

This is a super fun little figure!

Gremlin robot mode

It’s very poseable for its size and has a great intuitive transformation.

Gremlin with pistol

Unlike Flipper, Gremlin includes the jet pack from Dinobot Island.

Gremlin jet pack

The Comparisons

This is not my first New Age mini-bot: I picked up Flipper a while back but never got the chance to review it. This where the clever transformation really shines. Because of how the rear window transforms it allows Gremlin to have a Throttlebot-style hood and hides that kibble for Flipper.

Gremlin with Flipper robot mode
(Autobot symbol sold separately)

Flipper has one big flaw in vehicle mode compared to Gremlin, his black shoulders stand out awkwardly just under the side windows.

Gremlin with Flipper vehicle mode
(Autobot symbol sold separately)

Not having one of his own, Flipper has to borrow Gremlin’s jet pack to recreate TOE*.

Flipper with jet pack
(Autobot symbol sold separately))

360 Degree Turnaround

* That One Episode” – the obligatory accessory that the character used once in the cartoon.