Box Set Refugees

Box Set Refugees

At New York Comic Con 2017 today Hasbro announced the immediate availability of Grotusque with the final die-cast Titan Master Scorponok!

Grotusque & Scorponok

Grotusque is a remold of Titans Return Twinferno (aka Doublecross) with an all new beast head and arms.
Grotusque beast mode

I doubt it will be long before Botcon’s Headmaster Scorponok starts showing up with this new die-cast head attached.

Grotusque and Scorponok will be packaged just like Arcee (now available from TRU) in a special black box.

Grotusque box

I’m glad to see that we’re getting another refugee from the two cancelled box sets and hope that we see more!

Bringing the Unexpected: Part Four – Twin Twist

Bringing the Unexpected: Part Four – Twin Twist

Twin Twist has finally arrived at Junkion HQ and the Jumpstarters are finally complete!

Jumpstarters complete!

In photos Twin Twist’s tank treads can look very thin and Topspin’s wings do not lock in place so I had been a little concerned about how the treads would work. But with the actual toy in hand I’m happy to say that they stay in place very well in both modes. There’s no real lock but they are tighter than Topspin’s wings.

Twin Twist vechicle mode

Like his mold-mate, Twin Twist has a great transformation that  compacts everything into the vehicle mode for a very solid feel. Not only is it a great update of the original, but the cockpit is very well integrated and feels like it should always have been there.

Twin Twist with G1

Also like his mold-mate, Twin Twist’s biggest difference from the original is the height difference. There is no question that these are the same ‘bot. You may notice that my G1 Twin Twist is not exactly pristine – it is my original toy and features a catalog Autobot symbol that I glued on after the sticker wore off.

Twin Twist robot mode

After seeing a solid color parts swap of Twin Twist and Topspin on TFW2005 and realizing how much I loved Topspin I decided to double-dip. After much debate I finally settled on donating these bodies to Clobber and Ptero. I thouth that he blue for Ptero would evoke the Diaclone figure while the white Clobber would have a Beast Wars feel.

Clobber & Ptero with bodies

Swoop was another figure that I owned “back in the day” and I was very excited when Ptero was announced, especially after seeing how great Clobber’s beast mode turned out. Unfortunately I was underwhelmed by Ptero’s mini-vehicle and am much happier with him in his new form (at least until we receive the true Swoop next year).

Clobber & Ptero vehicle mode

Destroy TCH 03

According to tweets from @JbGabrielLee and TFsource it looks like X2Toys and C+ Customs are putting together a combiner torso to replace Onslaught.

The first image is a fuzzy teaser pic of the full combiner against X2Toys’ Autobot background set. It’s impossible to be 100% certain but those certainly look like the Combiner Wars/Unite Warriors limbs.
Destroy TCH 03 Teaser

TFsource included a render of the figure in robot and vehicle mode.
Destroy TCH 03 Render

Off Topic: The Tick

After rewatching The Tick on Amazon then the earlier live-action version I kept thinking about a comic that I put together with my college roommate, Matt Cohen.

I had the dubious distinction of getting hooked on the orignal Tick series from New England Comics with issue #12. For anyone who is not familiar with the original comic, issue 12 ended up being the final issue after the creator, Ben Edlund, started working on the animated series for FOX. It wasn’t my first encounter with The Tick; my college roommate knew Bob Polio from the original series and sold his personal copies while we were at school.

While futilely awaiting issue #13 I was craving more Tick content. Issue #12 was released in May of 1993 and the FOX show didn’t premier until September 1994 so there was a year and a half with no Tick. NEC tried to fill the gap with the Karma Tornado series in October of 1993 but it never clicked for me like the Edlund issues did. “Fly a Mile in Another Man’s Cape” is my version of what issue #14 of The Tick might have been. Due to the limitations of the original digitization some of Matt’s pencil work is a bit hard to see but hopefully it will still get the idea across.

Here’s the cover and teaser page:

Tick Cover
Tick Teaser

Titans Return Tripplechangers

Titans Return Tripplechangers

After much waiting and anticipation the last two Tripplechangers from Titans Return have finally arrived at Junkion HQ.


I hate to say it, but I’m disappointed.

I enjoyed Laser Optimus Prime from Chaos On Velocitron so much that I purchased the original Diac & Optimus Prime to go with it.

Primes!I especially liked how the Rodimus Prime head looks on this mold.

But, right out of the box, Blitzwing and Octone both have mangled Decepticon badges. I was able to smooth out the one on Octone but Blitzwing’s was unrecoverable.

Sad Decepticon Logo

I don’t have the pre-mold Megatron version so I was really looking forward to Blitzwing but the stickers are just so poor that it sucks the fun out of the figure. I wasn’t happy with the stickers on Laser Optimus Prime’s trailer, but they’re mostly out of the way, especially in robot mode.

Octone's Sad Wing

Another disappointment is that one of my Octone’s wings is extremely loose and rarely stays in place. The only good thing about this is that is that, while looking for more stable configurations, I stumbled on a fun Shockwave mode.


The good news here is for ToyHax who will probably be selling two more sets of labels to clean up my sad Tripplechangers very soon.

Decepticons Rule!

ToyWorld Coneheads

Thanks to TFSource‘s recent Customer Appreciation Week sale all three of ToyWorld’s Conehead Seekers have arrived at Junkion HQ. The included six display stands along with the ones from my original Assault (aka Thrust) and Spaceracer (their masterpiece style Cosmos) have been put to use on my Masterpiece Decepticons shelf.

One thing that seeing my shelf put together makes clear is that there are too few official representatives in the Decepticon ranks.

Here’s a version of my Decepticon shelf with Takara’s version of Ramjet to really show off the size difference between the two interpretations.
ToyWorld Coneheads with Takara Ramjet

I picked up Assault shortly before beginning this blog and was happy enough with the figure to put the other two on my wish list until additional funds became available. Not to rub it in for those who missed it, but the appreciation sale dropped the price for all three figures to what you would have paid for a single figure with shipping. Unfortunately for my budget this deal was too good to pass up.

Since we’re on the subject of TFSource I’d like to relate my experience purchasing my first ToyWorld Conehead from them. For anyone who hasn’t purchased one of these figures they are shipped in a brown box labeled with the figure name that contains two stands in plain brown boxes and the figure in a full-color box. I purchased mine just as we were discovering that ToyWorld had shipped Assault in Combustor’s outer box and vise-versa. So, I opened my package with great anticipation only to discover the the wrong figure. I let TFSource know and they quickly emailed a return shipping label so I could send it back for an exchange.

When Assault finally arrived I unpacked it but couldn’t figure out why there were two different sized missiles. Upon closer inspection I realized that there was a molding error on one where not enough plastic got injected so the barrel just ended in a stump.
Assault WeaponsIt was beautifully painted though! I again contacted TFSource’s customer service and they immediately sent out a replacement.

These are great figures with nice deep colors and a design that solves two of the biggest flaws with the MP-3/11 mold with a chest that locks together very tightly and much less back kibble.

They are, however, not perfect; they do not scale well with the MP-3/11 Seekers and tower over them and most of the other Masterpiece figures. Their biggest flaw is with the feet, there are no heels and the toes are on a ball joint – the joint holds fine when posed but the slightest tap can knock it out of balance. The Coneheads are also pinheads with taller, thinner heads than the official versions.

One feature that straddles the line is that there are so many deep panel lines molded into the wings that applying faction stickers is a concern.

Although the full set is sold out TFSource does still have the individual figures available as of this writing:

Before their designers split into Zeta Toys, ToyWorld announced that they would release versions of the original Seeker trio. According to Qingtianzhu on the TFW2005 Forums, ToyWorld still intends to release the other three Seekers and, via the same source, that they own their existing molds including the Coneheads.

HasCon TF Exclusives

HasCon TF Exclusives

According to io9, HasCon will have two Transformers exclusives; Optimus Prime and Arcee with Ultra Magnus.

Optimus Prime power bank

Looking for a backup battery for your phone? This one transforms!

If charging your phone is too dull for you you can use the battery to power Optimus’ light-up sword!

A bit out of left field, but also something of a continuation of Takara’s Device Label.

Box Set Refugees

TR Ultra MagnusTitans Return Arcee leaked card

They’re releasing the Blurr repaint Arcee with the Ultra Magnus Titan Master as a set. I suspect the trading cards, which many pointed out don’t match most of the other cards from TR, are for this set and use art from the cancelled box sets.


More photos from the Arcee & Ultra Magnus set have surfaced including the packaging and both Titan Masters.


Leinad (or Daniel if you prefer) has a blank silver face and, disappointingly, is not the same mold as the Exo-Suit Spike that’s coming with Legends Bumblebee. I’m sure we’ll see some face swaps once both figures are out in the wild.
Titan Masters

Power of the Primes Musings

Power of the Primes Musings

At SDCC we were introduced to the next chapter of Transformers Generations – Power of the Primes – with some exciting reveals including Starscream, Rodimus Prime, Jazz, Dreadwind & Blackwing (aka Dreadwing), Beachcomber and Liege Maximo with Skullgrin. We’ve also, due to a huge Weibo leak, seen pretty much the entire first year of the line (the leak has since been plugged and most of the images removed at Hasbro’s request).

New Play Pattern

From SDCC we discovered that Titan Masters are being replaced by Prime Masters described as containing the sparks of the original Primes. They’re basically Titan Masters with the face on their back replaced by an abstract symbol representing the Prime in question and a Decoy shell (a modern interpretation of a Pretender shell). The core Prime Master will still drive Legends class figures but now fits into the chest of Leader Class figures and will be mountable on Deluxe and Voyager figures, apparently using updated combiner hands/feet which snap onto the chest of Deluxe figures and the arms of Voyagers.

More Combiners


It appears that all Deluxe and Voyager figures are combiners including the Terrorcons! Some potential non-traditional combiners include the Dinobots (now with a sixth Legends class member which strongly implies a weapon or other combiner integration mode) and G1 female Autobots (including Voyager Elita-1 who appears to be a Starscream remold).

Continuing the Unexpected

In addition to new Pretenders, it also looks like we’re getting the Duocon Battletrap and Firecon Cindersaur!

In the leak we got a peak at Prime Master Metalhawk whose Decoy shell could go with the Metalhawk’s Professor Go Titan Master from the Siege on Cybertron box set to very nearly recreate the original Pretender.


Since the leak showed a new Leader Optimus Prime Leader Class figure that looks like it will have the same “evolution” feature that was shown for Rodimus Prime at SDCC, I’m betting that there will be an Ultra Magnus remold that will satisfy the “white Optimus in armor” purists.

With a Voyager Grimlock featured in the leak as a the core of a Dinobot combiner it makes me wonder if we’ll get the rumored Leader Class Grimlock. I was very surprised by Titan Return’s double-dipping releases of Brawn but that was a Legend and radically different Titan Master. Even Titan Return’s two Optimus Primes were very different with a Tripple Changer and Power Master version. They could still pull it off if they used the “evolve” gimmick that was introduced with Rodimus Prime. But what would a Grimlock Prime look like? Unlike Optimus Primal’s “Optimal Optimus” mode there is no upgraded version of Grimlock from fiction and you can’t just add a trailer (he’d have to wear a “cone of shame” or he’d just chew it off). I’d still like to see a non-evolving Leader class Grimlock but don’t know that it would be different enough from the Voyager version to justify a separate release.