New Age’s Legendary Heroes

I’m using the Hx designations since that’s what New Age uses in their promotions even they don’t actually appear on the boxes.

H1 Espionage Flipper

The beginning, their version of G1 Bumblebee (who’d have thought that they’d start with such an obscure character?).

New Age Toys Mini Warrior, The Legendary Heroes 01, Espionage Flipper
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H1G Director Gremlin

Their version of Goldbug, a repaint with a clever twist.

Gremlin in box
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H1K Commander Critter

Their version of Bug Bite, a tribute to the GoBot and BotCon 2007.

Critter box
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H1T* Golden Heart Flipper

Sadly, there will never be one of these in my collection since only 50 were ever made, all of which were given away to Weibo users.

Exclusive clear version of H1 Flipper
Photo by New Age Toys (via Webio)

* Ok, I’m fudging this designation. As far as I know it never had a number since it was not a commercial release.

H2 Manero

Their version of Jazz was teased at the 2018 Shanghai Wire Factory (SGC) show along with everything through H9! Manero will Include his rifle and speakers.

Second preview at TFcon 2019

H2C Capoeira

Also at SGC was their version of Stepper/Ricochet, which looks like it will include just a gold rifle.

New Age announced via Facebook that Capoeira will be a limited release.

H2P Cyclops

The most surprising tease from SGC: Alternators Shockwave!

New Age announced via Facebook that Cyclops will be a limited release.

H3 Alliance Military Strategist Harry

Harry box
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H4 Murphy

Their version Bluestreak in animation colors was shown at SGC.

H4? Murphy

In addition to the anime version, they also showed a Diaclone blue version.

H5 Maverick

Their version of Smokescreen from SGC.

H6 Reconnaissance Max

Their version of Cosmos has just started shipping!

H6B Max V2

A blue version based on GoBot Path Finder.

H6T Max transparent

Ghost Cosmos?

H7 McCoy

A grey prototype of Ironhide in robot mode was shown at SGC, and a colored version at TFcon.

H8 Miller

A grey prototype of Ratchet in vehicle mode was shown at SGC with a colored version appearing at TFcon.

H9 Agamenmnon

A grey prototype of Megatron was shown at SGC with stock and silencer accessories!