New Age Toys’ Legendary Heroes

This page is intended as an unofficial catalog of the Legendary Heroes line from New Age Toys* which will collect my posts about released figures and any available information about upcoming releases.

Due to the sheer volume of releases, I’ve had to split this catalog into multiple pages, the icons below will bring you to each one.

The Figures

H1 Flipper (jumps to details)
H1G Gremlin (jumps to details)
H1K Critter (jumps to details)
H1T Flipper (jumps to details)
H2 Manero (jumps to details)
H2EX Manero (jumps to details)
H2G Capoeira (jumps to details)
H2P Cyclops (jumps to details)
H2P Vizla (jumps to details)
H2T Kagemusha (jumps to details)
H2V G2 Manero (jumps to details)
H3 Harry (jumps to details)
H3B Kitt (jumps to details)
H3EX Harry (jumps to details)
H3T Harry (jumps to details)
H4 Murphy (jumps to details)
H4G Black Rain (jumps to details)
H5 Maverick (jumps to details)
H3 Repaint Teaser (jumps to details)
H6 Max (jumps to details)
H6B Max V2 (jumps to details)
H6L Max (jumps to details)
H6P Max Ion Storm (jumps to details)
H7 McCoy (jumps to details)
H7B Riddick (jumps to details)
H7T McCoy (jumps to details)
H8 Miller (jumps to details)
H8Y Tata (jumps to details)
H9 Agamenmnon (jumps to details)
H9C Marvel Agamenmnon (jumps to details)
H9EX Hynkel (jumps to details)
H9 Fatal Scan 1 Agamemnon (jumps to details)
H9G Agamenmnon (jumps to details)
H9T Agamenmnon (jumps to details)
H10 Abadon (jumps to details)
H10+ Abadon (jumps to details)
H10P Abadon (jumps to details)
H10T Abadon (jumps to details)
H11 Berial (jumps to details)
H11+ Berial (jumps to details)
H11P Berial (jumps to details)
H11T Abadon (jumps to details)
H12 Asmodeus (jumps to details)
H12+ Asmodeus (jumps to details)
H12P Asmodeus (jumps to details)
H12T Abadon (jumps to details)
H13 Lucifer (jumps to details)
H13D Hodur (jumps to details)
H13L Lucifer (jumps to details)
H13 Ion Storm Lucifer (jumps to details)
H13T Lucifer (jumps to details)
H14 Leviathan (jumps to details)
H14P Leraje (jumps to details)
H14S Amy (jumps to details)
H15 (jumps to details)
H15G Lucifer (jumps to details) (jumps to details)
H15L Furfur (jumps to details)
H16 (jumps to details)
H17 (jumps to details)
H18 (jumps to details)
H19 Hogan (jumps to details)
H19N Pizzeria (jumps to details)
H19T Hogan (jumps to details)
H20 William Bonney (jumps to details)
H20T William Bonney (jumps to details)
H21 Scaramanga (jumps to details)
H21B Dr. No (jumps to details)
H21EX Scaramanga (jumps to details)
H21G Scaramanga (jumps to details)
H21T Scaramanga (jumps to details)
H21W Karate Kid (jumps to details)
H22 Chimera (jumps to details)
H22 Chimera (jumps to details)
H22G Golden Eye (jumps to details)
H22 Chimera (jumps to details)
H23 Darius (jumps to details)
H23B Haraldr (jumps to details)
H23EX Darius (jumps to details)
H23M Darius (jumps to details)
H23T Darius (jumps to details)
H24 Macchio (jumps to details)
H25 Herbie (jumps to details)
H25 Vanishing Point (jumps to details)
H27W Conquest (jumps to details)
H28 Octavian (jumps to details)
H35 Cyclops (jumps to details)
H36 Hitcher (jumps to details)

Note: I’m using the Hx designations since that’s what they use in their promotions even though they don’t actually appear in that format on the final packaging. I’m also keeping the original announcement numbering for Martini Manero (H2EX) and G2 Manero (H2V).

Character names in this line have leaned heavily on pop-culture references, most frequently movie titles. It appears that Decepticon-inspired characters names will be from mythology. There have been no official statements to back up the source of these names so the “Named After” information is pure speculation but I thought it was interesting enough to include.

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Latest News


New Age has shown off a multi-color prototype of their new H26!

New Age Prime prototype
Picture by New Age Toys (via Weibo)

The photo also shows off how tiny Herbie and Vanishing Point are. I’m not sure I like them that small, but I’ll hold off on a final judgement until I have them in hand.


AKA Hephaestus and will be available in three sets of two figures (H29 Raum and H30 Vine, H31 Crocell and H32 Marbas, H33 Berith and H34 Paimon) with an “huge accessory is been used on combiner mode that makes it a super articulated action figure.”

New Age Hephaestus
Hephaestus, member of the OCTAGRAM Alliance, an engineering team composed of the 6 construction members: H29Raum & H30Vine, H31Crocell& H32Marbas, H33Berith& H34Paimon. Each of the 6 members will stand 9.8 cm tall, while the height of combiner mode will be 25cm. Metal parts and many points of articulation has been used on each members and the combiner mode. In combiner mode, Hephaestus can chose to have eyepiece or not, and roar if needed. LED light is used on both combiner’s eyes and laser gun, but clearly light is not good enough. A laser gun with gun-shot sound must be cool! One huge accessory is been used on combiner mode that makes it a super articulated action figure. AS the first member of OCTAGRAM Alliance, Hephaestus would be ready to ship by winter 2021. Preorder and get 6 pieces of Privileges. Merge for the kill!
Picture by New Age Toys (via Facebook)

They also teased their version of Scrapper (although they did not reveal which of the six names will be assigned to the figure) showing off the poseability.

New Age Scrapper poseability
Picture by New Age Toys (via Weibo)

* The Company Name

There seems to be some confusion about what the actual name of the company is (at least on the part of their graphic designers). On all of the H1 packages and in their official logo (below) there is a space between “New” and “Age” but on newer packages and their social media accounts (Facebook, Weibo) there is no space. The packaging for Harry and Manero drop “Toys” from the name as well. I’m sticking with “New Age Toys” since that makes the most sense (especially considering that “Newage” keeps autocorrecting to “Sewage”!).

New Age Toys logo
Image by New Age Toys (via Facebook)