At TFCon Toronto in July 2019, New Age Toys showed off their new Core Scenery line of display accessories. These are scaled for use with their Legendary Heroes line.

It sounds like there will be multiple versions of these sets with an “aged” version of Set A and a “marbled” version of the Lincoln Memorial throne in Set B.

At the Mech Mode Play Festival in Shanghai on August 10th, New Age Toys showed off their next few releases, including sets A and B. The diagnostic bed looks huge in the pictures, much larger than it did in the TFCon slides. By the design there may be a lift in the base that could lower it down to a reasonable height.

I will be updating this page as frequently as I discover new information!

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Set A

Contents Teletraan I, Diagnostic Table
Status Available for Pre-order, Expected in August 2019

This set consists of the main Teletraan I console and the diagnostic bed from the 1986 movie.

Core Scenery Set A
Photo by TFW2005

Set B

Contents Decepticon Throne, Lincoln Memorial “Throne”
Status Available for Pre-order, Expected in August 2019

This set consists of two thrones, a purple Decepticon symbol shaped throne and the throne Megatron made for himself at the Lincoln Memorial.

Core Scenery Set B
Photo by TFW2005

Set C

Contents Command Chair (wide head rest), Control Chair, Controls Table
Status Shown at TFCon Toronto

This set consists of two different Ark control chairs with a matching control table. According to a comment on Weibo, there are “currently no plans to sell” – presumably this is a translation error and actually means that there is no set release date yet.

Core Scenery Set C
Photo by TFW2005

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