Masterpiece Collection Showcase

After skipping Beast Wars Dinobot due to the cost, then having great difficulty justifying the cost for the updated G1 Megatron, I decided to stop being a Masterpiece completist and refocus my collection.

So, I dragged out my original 1980’s catalogs and set some goals:

  • Step one: updated versions of the entire 1984 line.
  • Step two: updated versions of selected figures from the 1985 catalog.
  • Step three: updated versions of the mini-bots from 1986.
  • Step four: justify figures beyond the above that I already have and don’t want to get rid of.

The first problem is that Takara and Hasbro have not actually released enough figures to make any of the above steps possible, so I had to turn to third-party alternatives.

Masterpiece Transformers, for me, is about getting the toys I wished I had the first time around. I always liked the accurate vehicle modes of the Diaclone-based molds but wished that the robot modes were closer to what was featured in the cartoon and comics.

With the announcement of a new version of Bumblebee which features a deformed vehicle mode, I’m convinced that going third-party to complete my collection was the correct choice. At the same time, I’m a little saddened by the thought that Hound may be the last official G1 Masterpiece mold that I add to my collection.

I’ll be documenting my “collection completion plan” broken down just like the original catalog listings:

Part One: Sounding Out Step One

Part Two: The Minions of 1984

More to come…