H36 Series
H36 Hitcher (jumps to details)

The Teaser

New Age 5/1 Bosozoku teaser
Initial Teaser Picture by New Age Toys (via Weibo)

H36 Hitcher

Inspiration G1 Breakdown
Named After The Hitcher (1986)
Accessories unknown
Status Announced, September 2020

In another subtle reveal, Overdrive is planned to be the first of three combiners:

H36 Hitcher is the first member and a limb of Overdrive, the second combiner of the evil force. Alloy parts are used to adjust the weight. It can also turn into any limb for Squadron and Combat Troop.

New Age Toys (via Facebook)

Clearly Squadron refers to the Aerialbots and Combat Troop to the Combaticons and it confirms that the limbs will be designed Scramble City-style so that they can be swapped around just like the originals.

New Age H36 Hitcher
Full Reveal Picture by New Age Toys (via Facebook)

Release Notes

Although New Age Toys has reserved H37, H38, H39 and H40 for the rest of the Overdrive team, there hasn’t been any indication (as of February 2024) when any of the Overdrive team might be released or whether a prototype of Hitcher was ever produced.