Titans Return Legends Class Seaspray

Titans Return Legends Class Seaspray

Another long awaited release has arrived here at Junkion HQ – Titans Return Seaspray.

Titans Return Seaspray on card

Seaspray was one of the TFs I had as a child and I’ve been waiting for an update that matched the original. Unfortunately, the earlier Ultra class figure was too big to truly capture the feeling of the G1 mini-bot.

The Robot

Titans Return Seaspray package content

As you’ve probably heard, Seaspray’s weapon is an unique design that has evoked many, many, pizza box jokes. I give them credit for integrating it with the vehicle mode (something I always appreciate) but it needs a little extra something to really work as a weapon. Either a fold-out muzzle or way to wield it as a shield would have been a vast improvement.

Since it doesn’t really work as a weapon for me, my preference is to keep the pizza box connected to the robot chest for a more G1-esque look.

The Transformation

To transform Seaspray start by folding up the robot back so that the shoulders are flush with the robot chest. Rotate the arms up and lock the wrist pegs into the holes at the back of the chest piece. If you have the “pizza gun” on the robot chest, remove it so that you can fold up the flap that covers the face. Flip out the robot heels to form the sides of the hovercraft. Snap the feet together then flip them around so that they are upside down. Fold the knees backwards then rotate the hips and waist in until you can lock the sides of the hovercraft into the side of the robot chest. Replace the “pizza gun” on the top of the hovercraft and Seaspray is complete. Overall I’m satisfied with how everything locks together in hovercraft mode but I do wish the fists locked in just a little more solidly.

The Comparisons

Titans Return & G1 Seaspray

The biggest difference between G1 Seaspray and TR Seaspray, aside from the modern articulation, is the location of the Autobot symbol which has moved from the top of the foot to the chest. The G1 chest decals have been replicated almost exactly on the TR version.

In hovercraft mode you can clearly see how much more angular the TR version is when compared to the original. It’s most noticeable in the flattened front and the squared off fan mounts at the back. This is also where the Legends class sizing really shines, Seaspray fits easily in the hand just like his G1 predecessor.

The Case-mate

TR Legends class series 1 consists of Seaspray and the re-release of Cosmos. I’m using the Combiner Wars version of his case-mate in the above photo. The TR version is a darker green with a slightly lighter blue on the windows and an Autobot symbol that’s about half the size of the CW version.

The Conclusion

I highly recommend TR Seaspray, it’s a fun figure that’s nice and solid in both modes. If the “pizza gun” bothers you you can leave it in the bubble and never miss it.

While writing this post I received notification that Fans Toys FT-27 Spindrift is on it’s way so we’ll have another Seaspray-centric post in about a week.

Mini-bots travel in packs

Mini-bots travel in packs

Bringing the Unexpected: Part Three – Clone #2

Bringing the Unexpected: Part Three – Clone #2

Today we found out that the last two clones will be arriving in a two-pack instead of with larger box sets as had originally been expected. Hopefully the other two box sets that we’ve been anticipating will still happen just without the clones.

Box Set Icons

Will we get sets to fill in the other two icons?

Since my Siege on Cybertron box set recently arrived this seemed like good timing for a review.

All of the unexpected so far

The Box

For some reason the Siege on Cybertron box set comes branded with the Beast Wars logo. I suppose it does come with a puma and a guy called MetalHAWK but it’s still a bit of a stretch.

Brought to you by Beast Wars and the letter H

Beast Mode

As mentioned above, Pounce’s beast mode is officially a puma but, to me, it looks more like a robot on all fours wearing a dog costume. Still, like Fastclash, it’s a little figure.

Pounce beast mode - front

To integrate with Titan Masters Pounce features a saddle on his back where the figures can be attached.

Pounce beast mode - side

While his front legs are a bit spindly at least they’re white to match the head instead of the purple used on the G1 version.

Pounce beast mode - with G1


His tail folds back onto the pink hindquarters and the puma head folds back into the Titan Master saddle. Straighten the rear legs and fold the beast feet into the robot shins. Spin both shins so the beast feet are on the same side as the tail. Fold the front beast legs together then push the robot arms around to the side. Push the beast front legs down so they sit flush on his back against the puma head. If you twist the arms to hide the hollow bits in beast mode like I do rotate them back so that the forearms can fold forward normally. Twist the robot head and you have transformed Pounce the clone.

Robot Mode

Pounce Robot Mode

The key aspect of the clones was their identical robot modes and the new version stays true to this. There is no doubt that these are clones.

Pounce and Fastclash robot modes

In robot mode all of the beast parts are pushed into a good sized backpack with what looks to me like formal suit tails.

Pounce robot mode - suit tails

To enable sitting you can change the suit tails into a duck tail.

Pounce robot mode - duck tail

Like Fastclash, Pounce also includes the unexplained second set of hinges in the hips. Hopefully, now that the other two clones have been revealed we’ll find out what this is about soon. [UPDATE: now that we’ve seen more photos it’s clear that the extra hip joints are part of the transformation of the final two clones. They’re not just designed to look the same they’re using the same engineering – true clones!]

Pounce robot mode - splits


When seen with the original G1 versions the pedigree is obvious, they did a great job with the new clones.

While the new versions are slightly shorter than the originals they easily make up for that with their expanded articulation.

Pounce robot mode - G1

I mentioned Pounce’s backpack earlier, this is the biggest difference from the original G1 version which hid the alternate head inside the torso.

Pounce robot mode - back with G1

Here Pounce is with Fastclash from the back with his prominent kibble visible.

Pounce robot mode - back with Fastclash


Like Fastclash I’m enjoying Pounce more than I would have thought when they were first announced and can’t wait for the final two clones. My only issue with the figure is the back kibble, especially the tail section which often gets in the way when posing.

Pounce with Titan Master

Yeee Haw!


Titans Return Brawn arrived today so:

1984 Minibots

I went with preferred molds here rather than consistent scale. (If I can remember where my Botcon Huffer is I could complete the set.) Both Bumblebee and my custom Cliffjumper are sporting Renderform weapon upgrades (not that Bee’s is really visible in this shot).

Two Heads Are Better Than One

“And this is Spare-Head #1, we only let him out on weekends…”


The modern Brawns – they get better every time. The Henkei version is decked out with a ToyHax upgrade set.

Another great addition to the Titans Return line.

Rewind’s Dewbot Cosplay

The 2007 Transformers movie introduced many things to the franchise including several AllSpark powered robots created from common appliances. One of the more persistent was a Mountain Dew vending machine called Dispensor, aka Dewbot. You’ll note that I prefer the name Dewbot and will obstinately use that for the remainder of this post.

Rewind in Tablet mode

When Titan Returns’ tablet-based Rewind figure was released it inspired several of the more creative members of the Transformers community to create their own Dewbot.

ToyHax’s Contribution

ToyHax, formerly known as Reprolabels, released a decal set to convert Rewind into Dewbot, or as they call it TR Spensor. Both modes get the full Mountain Dew treatment but the alt mode is where the set really shines.

Rewind with Labels
Dewbot Vending Machine

The TR Spensor label set will allow you to convert Rewind without making any physical changes to the figure. However, if you don’t mind some minor alterations, there’s a solution for that too…

Prize Inside’s Contribution

Prize Inside by The Octavirate Forge on Shapways has created a new head and 6-pack shooter weapon (you can also get them both as a kit) to complete the transformation. Swapping out the head is simple; the original pulls out easily and the new one snaps right in.

Dewbot with Head & Gun

If you look closely at the barrels of the weapon and the back of the head you’ll notice that they include a cool soda can top detail.

Dewbot Gun

I ordered mine in Green Strong & Flexible Polished which came out a little grainy as you can see in the photos. I mainly display my Dewbot in vending machine mode so I haven’t gotten around to painting the 3D printed parts quite yet. Some silver detailing should really bring out some of the finer details.

Dewbot back of head

Before and After

Some comparison shots of the fully-dewed Rewind compared to the standard version.

Robot modes
Tank Modes - angled
Alt Modes
Tank modes - front

Bringing the Unexpected: Part Two – Comparisons

Yesterday’s post was inspired by the arrival of Topspin and I didn’t take the time to dig out the original G1 figures for a full comparison. Part Two corrects that omission:

Clone Generations

Both Clones are roughly the same height and are clearly the same design.

Fastclash and Fastlane - robot mode

That shared design extends to the vehicle mode where the two have pretty much the same transformation.

Fastclash and Fastlane - vehicle mode

Sadly, Fastlane is missing his spoiler, he probably left it “somewhere safe.”

Jumpstarter Generations

It is clear that these are both the same bot. But it is equally clear that the Titans Return version is a much more advanced and modern design that greatly benefits from the removal of the Jumpstarter gimmick. For my money exchanging the G1 gimmick with the Titan Master is more than a fair trade.

Topspin robot modes

-Hey buddy, don’t loose your head!
-Quiet tiny!

One of the trademarks of the G1 Jumpstarters was their transformation: step one – fold in half, step two – there is no step two.

Topspin vehicle modes

Bringing the Unexpected

Titans Return is a line full of the unexpected. We’re seeing toys based on G1 figures that I thought would never have been considered, much less released. I’m still kind of stunned that I have modern versions of both a Clone and a Jumpstarter sitting beside me on my desk. The very idea that the Twin Twist and Pounce are already announced and Cloudraker and Wingspan practically guaranteed is just mind boggling.

Two unexpected releases

The Clone

Fastclash robot mode

Part of the Chaos on Velocitron box set, the diminutive Fastclash (Fastlane to his friends) is the first modern clone to arrive on the scene. The figure itself is pretty simple and has, except for the missing hip swivel, about the expected amount of articulation for a figure of this size. In the center of the chest is a tribute to the heat sensitive sticker unique to the G1 Clones that identified which vehicle each clone transformed into.

Transformation is simple, fold in the fists, pivot the arms onto the chest, snap the legs together, fold down the feet then pivot the head so that the spoiler is on top.

Fastclash vehicle mode

Just like with the G1 version, the drag racer mode is, let’s say; not quite an accurate representation of a real-world vehicle. However, the new fold up driver seat for Titan Master drivers is a nice touch.

Fastclash mystery mode

The oddest thing about Fastclash, aside from actually being released, are the extra hinges built into his hips. These strange  hinges seem to imply sort of secondary combined configuration with the yet to be announced Cloudraker. I can’t quite imagine what that configuration could be but there must be some reason for it aside from enabling cheerleader poses.

The Jumpstarter

Topspin robot mode

Part of the fourth wave of deluxes, Topspin is an impressive modernization of the character. Back in the day, I only had Twin Twist in my collection so this purchase was just a preview of the figure I really wanted. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like this mold. The transformation is fun and the robot folds up in a fashion similar to Combiner Wars limbs to give the vehicle mode a nice solid feel.

Topspin vehicle mode

As with all headmasters, transformation begins by decapitating the figure. The back panel of the legs pivots out allowing you to fold the feet into the robot calf. Pushing the calves up will slide them over the robot thighs, the legs then snap together. The hips fold forward and the knee flaps fold in to become the air intakes of the jet mode. The bottom half of the figure rotates to move the back of the legs so that they face the robot chest. The front of the robot chest then spins so that the hips can be locked onto the robot shoulders. The nosecone folds down to reveal the Titan Master cockpit. Make sure that the peg on the back of the Titan Master legs is pushed in at the very front of the slot in the floor of the cockpit or the canopy will not fully close. A door on the back of the robot forearms opens so that the fists can fold in and the forearms can be folded back over the upper arms. After closing the flaps the arms slot snugly beside the cockpit and snap into place. The robot weapons slot into the underside of each wing to complete the transformation.

Topspin vehicle mode rear

The Conclusion

I’m quite pleased with both of these figures but Topspin is, by far, my favorite. My anticipation for Twin Twist is even greater now that I’ve had such a great introduction to the mold.

An Aside

Perhaps, it’s all just monkey business…

Fastclash Monkey Business