Prime Masters

Prime Masters

Wave one of the Power of the Primes Prime Masters has arrived at Junkion HQ!

Prime Masters wave 1

Unlike Titan Masters, the backpack for these figures is an abstract symbol that represents each Prime.

Prime Masters transformed

I love the fact that the Prime Master’s face fills the Decoy armor helmet like a Brainmaster.

Prime Master faces

Liege Maximo

Liege Maximo

Liege Maximo comes with Skullgrin as his Decoy armor.

Liege Maximo decoy mode

The Skullgrin Decoy armor transforms into a claw arm weapon.

Liege Maximo weapon mode



Micronus Comes with Cloudburst as his Decoy armor.

Micronus decoy mode

The Cloudburst Decoy armor transforms into a double barrel cannon.

Micronus weapon mode

Vector Prime

Vector Prime

Vector Prime comes with Metalhawk as his Decoy armor.

Vector Prime decoy mode

The Metalhawk Decoy armor transforms into a single barrel cannon.

Vector Prime weapon mode

Metalhawk – the Reunion

Metalhawk reunited

When reunited with the Professor Go Titan Master from the Siege on Cybertron box set we now have a, nearly, complete Metalhawk (granted the inner bot now transforms into a head instead of a jet, but still).

Metalhawk confused

I feel funny

NYCC 2017 Reveals

NYCC 2017 Reveals

Thanks to OAFEnet’s Twitter Feed we now have photos of Power of the Prime releases including Volcanus, the Terrorcons, Rodimus Unicronus, Prime Masters and Cliffjumper! Add this to this today’s surprise release of Grotusque which sold out quickly at Hasbro Toy Shop but, according to the announcement, will be available later at retail similar to the Arcee exclusive.

UPDATE: Even more photos on TFW2005!

I have to say, Cliffjumper looks better each time I see it. And, by the purple Autobot symbol and goatee, it looks like Rodimus Unicronus is also Shattered Glass Rodimus Prime. The decoy shells for the two Prime Masters on display; Vector Prime with Metalhawk and Alchemist Prime with Submarauder both look great.

They also have several photos of the prototype Divebomb wings from the Titan-class Predaking. The details look good but it’s hard to really judge without seeing the rest of the figure.

Power of the Primes Musings

Power of the Primes Musings

At SDCC we were introduced to the next chapter of Transformers Generations – Power of the Primes – with some exciting reveals including Starscream, Rodimus Prime, Jazz, Dreadwind & Blackwing (aka Dreadwing), Beachcomber and Liege Maximo with Skullgrin. We’ve also, due to a huge Weibo leak, seen pretty much the entire first year of the line (the leak has since been plugged and most of the images removed at Hasbro’s request).

New Play Pattern

From SDCC we discovered that Titan Masters are being replaced by Prime Masters described as containing the sparks of the original Primes. They’re basically Titan Masters with the face on their back replaced by an abstract symbol representing the Prime in question and a Decoy shell (a modern interpretation of a Pretender shell). The core Prime Master will still drive Legends class figures but now fits into the chest of Leader Class figures and will be mountable on Deluxe and Voyager figures, apparently using updated combiner hands/feet which snap onto the chest of Deluxe figures and the arms of Voyagers.

More Combiners


It appears that all Deluxe and Voyager figures are combiners including the Terrorcons! Some potential non-traditional combiners include the Dinobots (now with a sixth Legends class member which strongly implies a weapon or other combiner integration mode) and G1 female Autobots (including Voyager Elita-1 who appears to be a Starscream remold).

Continuing the Unexpected

In addition to new Pretenders, it also looks like we’re getting the Duocon Battletrap and Firecon Cindersaur!

In the leak we got a peak at Prime Master Metalhawk whose Decoy shell could go with the Metalhawk’s Professor Go Titan Master from the Siege on Cybertron box set to very nearly recreate the original Pretender.


Since the leak showed a new Leader Optimus Prime Leader Class figure that looks like it will have the same “evolution” feature that was shown for Rodimus Prime at SDCC, I’m betting that there will be an Ultra Magnus remold that will satisfy the “white Optimus in armor” purists.

With a Voyager Grimlock featured in the leak as a the core of a Dinobot combiner it makes me wonder if we’ll get the rumored Leader Class Grimlock. I was very surprised by Titan Return’s double-dipping releases of Brawn but that was a Legend and radically different Titan Master. Even Titan Return’s two Optimus Primes were very different with a Tripple Changer and Power Master version. They could still pull it off if they used the “evolve” gimmick that was introduced with Rodimus Prime. But what would a Grimlock Prime look like? Unlike Optimus Primal’s “Optimal Optimus” mode there is no upgraded version of Grimlock from fiction and you can’t just add a trailer (he’d have to wear a “cone of shame” or he’d just chew it off). I’d still like to see a non-evolving Leader class Grimlock but don’t know that it would be different enough from the Voyager version to justify a separate release.

Power of the Primes @ SDCC

Power of the Primes @ SDCC

Hasbro has been revealing new Power of the Primes figures at SDCC today including some exciting figures like Leader Rodimus Prime, Jazz, Pretender Skullgrin, Beachcomber, and combining Dreadwind & Darkwing.

Pretender Skullgrin from Power of the Primes

Gotta love a true Pretender Skullgrin!

Check out the photos at & on Aki Aki’s blog!

Announcements include:

  • Voyager-class Starscream who appears to have been eating spinach since his last release with some huge forearms which apparently contain Combiner War ports
  • Leader-class Evolution Rodimus Prime who has a deluxe Hot Rod component that evolves to become the full Leader figure and includes a Titan Masters port compatible Matrix of Leadership
  • Jazz who screams for a Wheeljack remold
  • Dreadwind & Black(aka Dark)wing who have Combiner War connectors so they can become limbs for existing gestalts, according to reports they do combine into Dreadwing
  • Beachcomber who looks great and has an extremely natural Titan Master cockpit
  • Prime Master Liege Maximo (shown above) who is a Pretender Titan Master Skullgrin!
  • According to Prime Masters will replace “Titan Masters” and, except for driving Legends-class figures, will have a totally new integration with the rest of the line including chest-pieces (Deluxe) and arm-candy (Voyagers).

Power of the Primes is off to a great start!