New Age H14S Amy

The first of the second-string Seekers has arrived at Junkion HQ in the form of Aerospace Engineer Amy (aka G1 Sunstorm)!

The Box

The box is the now-standard G1 grid pattern

Amy box
Amy box back

Inside the box you get a the standard Stormtrooper instructions, Spacebridge stand instructions, a warning sheet about not rotating the stand post, a set of pointing hands, a set of open hands, 2x shoulder cannons, 2x wing bombs, Agamenmnon in pistol mode, 2x blue gradient thrust effects, 2x pink gradient blast effects and the Spacebridge stand segment.

Amy box contents

The Figure

One nice thing about the figure is the use of multiple yellows with some parts being more mustard an others closer to canary, all accented in bright white.

Amy robot mode
Amy robot mode side view
Amy robot mode back view

The face has a huge lopsided and rather creepy smile.

Amy grin

The wings have a subtle gradient between the two yellows on the top side.

Amy wing graident

The Jet

Amy jet mode

I didn’t think I’d like the flame details at first, but in hand they work well.

Amy flame detail

Get yours where I got mine! Show.Z Store.

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