New Age H13T Lucifer

The coronation translucent version of Lucifer has arrived at Junkion HQ.

The Box

The box is the standard blue grid package used for all of the translucent editions in the Legendary Heroes line.

Clear Lucifer box
Clear Lucifer box back

Inside the box you get the standard instructions, 2x null cannons, 2x wing bombs, a clear version of Agamenmnon in pistol mode, a set of pointing hands, a set of open hands and coronation gear for the initial Lucifer release.

Ironically, the one thing that is not included (in my copy at least) are instructions for the coronation gear – those are printed on the Spacebridge stand instruction sheet.

Clear Lucifer box contents

The Figure

The biggest change from the standard Lucifer is the fact that the feet are plastic instead of die-cast. Unfortunately this makes the figure more top-heavy and harder to pose since it doesn’t have that extra weight.

Clear Lucifer robot mode
Clear Lucifer robot mode side view
Clear Lucifer robot mode back view

The Jet

Clear Lucifer jet mode front view
Clear Lucifer jet mode
Clear Lucifer jet mode vertical view

The Coronation Gear

Now for the real reason to purchase this release.

Lucifer coronation gear

Although the gear looks good, it makes the figure extremely top-heavy and difficult to pose.

Lucifer coronation gear side view
Lucifer coronation gear back view
Lucifer coronation gear crown

The Conclusion

This will probably be my last translucent figure from the Legendary Heroes line. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but there are so many other releases that it’s getting hard to justify them.

Get yours where I got mine! Show.Z Store.

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