New Age H8T Tata

Tata, the yellow 90s Beijing taxi version of Miller, is a great addition to the Legendary Heroes line.

The Box

The box is a nice color-coordinated G1 grid with Chinese text similar to Martini Manero‘s.

Tata box
Tata box back

Inside the box, you get the standard vannette instructions, a pair of pointing hands in grey, a pair of open hands in grey, black rifle, black version of McCoy‘s nitrogen hand, and black version of Miller’s laser scalpel.

Tata box contents

The Robot

No changes here except for the color scheme.

Tata robot mode
Tata robot mode side view
Tata robot mode back view
Tata head close up

The Vannette

Tata vehicle mode front view
Tata vehicle mode

The Details

Like their other releases, the best parts are the tiny details that they manage to fit into these small figures.

Tata details TAXI sign
Tata details front hood
Tata details pricing sign

The Conclusion

Tata is a nice addition to my, poorly lit, non-TF Legendary Heroes display.

Legendary Heroes non-TF releases

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