New Age H19 Hogan and H20 William Bonney

New Age has finally returned to the mini-bots with their two-pack of Hogan (aka G1 Brawn) and William Bonney (aka G1 Outback)!

The Box

The box is about what you expect from the Legendary Heroes line but with red details.

H19-H20 box
H19-H20 box back

Inside the box you get both figures in robot mode, a combined set of instructions covering all three releases of the mold, a large cannon, a pistol, 2x gas tanks in matching colors, a die-cast drill and the die-cast Initial Premium set which includes a drill for Agamenmnon and a claw for Lucifer.

H19-H20 box contents

The Transformation

I found it impossible to transform the arms into vehicle mode as shown in the instructions. There are post on the forearms that have to slot into the folding piece that fits between them and, if the arms are in the final position, there is not enough clearance to slide everything into position. I have to rotate the forearms out (as seen below) so that the posts clear the bottom of the center piece then use the fists to fold the arms into the final position.

Extra step in the arm transormation

The Gas Tank

The gas cans fold out into odd-looking blasters.

Gas tank pistol

They also fit into the back of the vehicle mode very tightly. So tightly that I had trouble getting them back off. They’ll probably end up in my New Age parts bin.

H19 Hogan

Each figure gets an unique head and chest so that they maintain the unique look of each character.

Hogan robot mode
Hogan robot mode side view
Hogan robot mode back view
Hogan chest

And a close-up of his face – Hogan is apparently very unhappy.

Hogan face

In vehicle mode the only difference between the two figures is the bottom of the grill, for Hogan, there is a hole for the drill attachment.

Hogan vehicle mode
Hogan vehicle mode front view
Hogan vehicle mode back view

Here is Hogan with his TOE drill.

Hogan vehicle mode with TOE drill

H20 William Bonney

The different head and chest really helps the two figures stand apart.

William Bonney robot mode
William Bonney robot mode side view
William Bonney robot mode back view
William Bonney chest
William Bonney face

Since the spare tire on the roof is identical to the regular tires, including the mounting rivet, it is not possible to mount the cannon in the middle of the roof like on the G1 toy. You’ll have to pick a preferred side and use that fist to mount it.

William Bonney vehicle mode side view
William Bonney vehicle mode front view
William Bonney vehicle mode back view

The Conclusion

After the recent releases it is a bit of a shock going back to such small figures but the quality and poseability certainly don’t suffer.

Hogan and William Bonney action shot

* That One Episode” – the obligatory accessory that the character used once in the cartoon.

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