New Age H16, 17, 18 “Conehead” Stormtroopers

New Age’s conehead Stormtroopers have arrived at Junkion HQ!

The Box

I was surprised at how large the box was when it arrived, even though I have no idea how it could have been smaller. It’s features a Multiverse-style artwork cover with the coneheads attacking Unicron‘s head.

Coneheads box
Coneheads box back

Inside the box are two separate trays, one that contains the figures and accessories (see the sections for each character below for the contents), and one holding the 3x Spacebridge stands, 6x blue gradient jet blast effects and 6x red gradient medium blast effects. Packed in separate baggies are the Initial Premium (yellow blast effects, no sticker on the bag this time) and 6x wing bomb shells. The instructions sheet covers all three figures and is huge – the photo below shows only 1/3 of it.

Coneheads box contents

The Initial Premium contains: 3x long yellow blasts and one short yellow blast.

Initial Premium effect parts

If you ordered in time to get the Initial Premium, this set will add a total of sixteen effects to your collection:

  • 6x jet engine effects – blue to clear gradient
  • 6x medium blasts – clear to red gradient
  • 3x long blasts – yellow
  • 1 short blast – yellow
All effects parts

Overall Observations

Wing Bombs

The new wing bombs are a bit odd – they’re shells that snap onto the standard Stormtrooper blasters:

Bomb shells

I don’t understand why they didn’t make the bombs a complete piece. It doesn’t seem like they saved all that much material going with this plan since they now require internal reinforcements to lock onto the original blaster. If amount of materials was a concern, couldn’t it have been hollow with a post?

Heel Spurs

To make use of the hollow calves, New Age has added a flip-out heel spur.

New heel spur

An unfortunate side-effect of these new spurs are the posts they lock into which really stand out in jet mode.

New heel spur posts top view
New heel spur posts front view
New heel spur posts side view

I never had any problems posing Lucifer so I’m not sure that the heel spurs are worth the posts’ negative impact on the jet mode.

New Knees

The coneheads all get bulkier and fully-painted knee pads.

New knees front view detail

The Heads

The heads in jet mode are awkward at best – they point down and the top of the cone folds backwards.

Conehead in jet mode

Unfortunately the head it too large to rotate 180 degrees so that the cone points forward and like the end of a fuel tank or something similar.


Something that I should have noted with my Lucifer review: When transforming the arms, always start with the left – it has a post that locks into the right arm (see below). If you try to start with the right it’s much harder to get it started.

Arm post

H16 Beelzebul

Beelzebul, aka G1 Ramjet, comes packed in jet mode and includes the same Stormtrooper blasters from Lucifer, 2x bomb shells, a set of pointing hands and a set of open hands.

Beelzebul accessories

The Robot

The robot mode, like the rest of the Legendary Heroes line, looks like it just stepped out of the cartoon.

Beelzebul robot mode
Beelzebul robot mode side view
Beelzebul robot mode back view

It’s hard to see in-hand but each conehead has an unique face.

Beelzebul face

The Jet

With the exception of the already mentioned head, the jet mode is very nice.

Beelzebul jet mode
Beelzebul jet mode top view

H17 Mammon

Mammon, aka G1 Thrust, includes 2x blasters, 2x bomb shells, a set of pointing hands and a set of open hands.

Mammon accessories

The Robot

Another great robot mode, clearly I prefer the original Stormtrooper blasters for this one.

Mammon robot mode
Mammon robot mode side view
Mammon robot mode back view

Mammon’ sneering face is the most unique, and visible, of the three.

Mammon face

The Jet

The only thing I don’t like about the jet mode is the second set of tail-fins that they’ve added.

Mammon jet mode

Here is a close-up of the o”fin”ding additions.

Mammon new fins side view

Like Beelzebul, the back panel hinges do not match the color of the rest of the top of the jet, but here they really stick out as something that shouldn’t be there.

Mammon jet mode top view

Thrust was the only Decepticon jet that I had “back in the day” so I’m very attached to the toy interpretation. I’m holding out hope that there will be an EX-style version of Thrust with shoulder wings although I don’t really expect it to happen. If it were a simple parts swap that would be one thing, but I’m not sure that the potential Nacelle repaint would be enough to justify the remolding cost.

H18 Mephisto

Mephisto, aka G1 Dirge, includes 2x blasters, 2x bomb shells, a set of pointing hands and a set of open hands all in matching grey.

Mephisto accessories

The Robot

Probably the weakest of the robot modes – the “winglets” do not lock into place so they’re very easy to knock askew. I presume that’s why all of the photos on the box show them pushed to the side instead of pointing up like in the instructions.

Mephisto robot mode
Mephisto robot mode side view
Mephisto robot mode back view

Mephisto’s face is very similar to Beelzebul’s with the main difference being the detail of the chin.

Mephisto face

The Jet

Mephisto in jet mode

The Comparisons

Robot Mode

Just like G1, the big differences are the head and wing arrangement.

Mamon with Lucifer in robot mode
(Decepticon symbols sold separately)
Back view comparison

Here are the new knees beside the original, both are snap-on pieces and not part of the calf.

New knee side view

Jet Mode

Here’s Beelzebul next to Lucifer in Jet mode.

Beelzebul with Lucifer in jet mode
(Decepticon symbols sold separately)
Beelzebul comparison with Lucifer in jet mode side view
(Decepticon symbols sold separately)

Mammon, as expected, is far closer to the standard Stormtroopers but still decidedly unique so here he is again.

Mammon comparison with Lucifer in jet mode
(Decepticon symbols sold separately)
Mammon with Lucifer in jet mode side view
(Decepticon symbols sold separately)

The Conclusion

While there are a few things that I would change (if I had the power to do so) this is still a great set and a nice addition to the line!

Spacebridge stand with all three Coneheads top view

Get yours where I get mine: Show.Z Store: Beelzebul, Mammon & Mephisto.

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