New Age H13 Lucifer

New Age Toys’ Air Commander Lucifer (aka G1 Starscream) has arrived at Junkion HQ!

The Box

The box is another Diaclone homage, this time to the F-15 Jetrobo.

Lucifer box
Lucifer box back

Inside the box you’ll find two sets of instructions; a generic “Stormtrooper” set for the figure and one for the Spacebridge stand (which is covered in a separate post). For accessories you’ll find the stand, 2x cannons, open hands, pointed hands, 2x small blast effects, 2x engine blast effects, 2x bombs and Agamenmnon in pistol mode.

Lucifer box contents

The Robot

Lucifer’s robot mode is an impressive rendition of Starscream from the original cartoon.

Lucifer robot mode
Lucifer side view

Even the back is nice and clean!

Lucifer back view

You can also use the front landing gear as a wrist communicator.

Lucifer communicator

The F-15

Jet mode is equally impressive!

Lucifer jet mode

The effect parts in this release are two-tone. The jet blasts start as blue at the base and move to clear at the tips.

Lucifer jet effect parts

One thing to be aware of is that, due to the transformation joints in the tail fins, it is very easy to knock them out of alignment when handling the jet.

Lucifer droopy tail fins
Exaggerated for dramatic effect

Transformation Highlights

The robot chest inverts out of the underside of the cockpit…

Lucifer chest tranformation step 1

…then flip out to form the chest…

Lucifer chest tranformation step 2

…then everything folds up into the robot torso.

Lucifer chest tranformation step 3

The outer edge of the robot legs pivots around…

Lucifer leg tranformation step 1

…which positions the tail fins on the inside of the calf…

Lucifer leg tranformation step 2

…so that they can be folded completely into the leg.

Lucifer leg tranformation step 3

The Comparisons

Lucifer is a head shorter than Agamenmnon.

Lucifer with Agamenmnon

Lucifer is also twice the height of Flipper.

Lucifer with Flipper

The Conclusion

Another impressive and fun addition to the Legendary Heroes line!

Lucifer salute

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