New Age H9EX Hynkel

The chromed version of Agamenmnon has arrived!

The Box

As appropriate for a toy-inspired repaint, the packaging is based on the G1 box.

Hynkel in box
Hynkel box back

Inside the box are all of the same pieces included with Agamenmnon:

  • Sight/Fusion Cannon
  • Orange barrel plug
  • 2x pointing hands
  • 2x open hands
  • Smiling face
  • Silencer
  • Stock stem
  • Stock base
  • Key to Vector Sigma
  • Energy mace
  • Movie pistol
  • Pistol mode effects adapter (matte grey)
Hynkel box contents

Due to the sheer number of accessories included with the H9 figures, there is a second insert to contain them.

The Initial Premium

Unexpectedly, Hynkel includes the same “Initial Premium” pack that Agamenmnon did.

Agamenmnon Initial Premium
Hynkel large blast effect
Agamenmnon small blast
Hynkel long blast effect

The Robot

Just like Agamenmnon but shiny!

Hynkel robot mode
Hynkel robot mode side view
Hynkel robot mode back view
Hynkel face details
Hynkel chest details
Hynkel abdomen details

They’ve also added some nice details to the inner forearms.

Hynkel forearm details

The Pistol

Hynkel pistol mode
Hynkel pistol mode with accessories

The Comparisons

To match up with the chrome paint job, the pistol accessories are gloss black for Hynkel instead of the matte black for Agamenmnon.

Hynkel comparison with Agamenmnon
Decepticon symbol sold separately
Hynkel comparison with Agamenmnon side view
Hynkel comparison with Agamenmnon back view
Hynkel comparison with Agamenmnon pistol mode
Decepticon symbol sold separately

The Conclusion

I’m having real trouble deciding which version I like best. Hynkel’s chrome paint and red accents really pop.

Hynkel posed to show off red highlights
Real despots wear red!

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H9EX Hynkel

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