New Age H9 Agamenmnon

The leader of the opposition (aka G1 Megatron) has joined the Legendary Heroes line!

The Box

The box is based on the packaging of the original release of the “Megatron” mold: Microman Gun Robo P38.

Agamenmnon in box
Agamenmnon box back
No, NA hasn’t announced Constructicons yet. “Competing” products often feature in their promotional photos.

Inside the box you’ll find more accessories than in any previous release:

  • Sight/Fusion Cannon (attached)
  • 2x pointing hands
  • 2x open hands
  • Smiling face
  • Silencer
  • Stock stem
  • Stock base
  • Key to Vector Sigma
  • Energy mace
  • Movie pistol
  • Pistol mode effects adapter
Agamenmnon box contents

You’ll note that it comes with an orange plug in the barrel. No worries though, the plug is easily removable.

Agamenmnon orange plug removed

The Robot

The robot is straight out of the original cartoon!

Agamenmnon robot mode
Agamenmnon robot mode side view
Agamenmnon robot mode back view
Agamenmnon face
Agamenmnon abdomen details
Agamenmnon side panel detail

There have been some complaints about the hips since the joints are below the pelvis, but it doesn’t really bother me.

Agamenmnon hips

The odd jointing will, however, be obvious in certain poses – including sitting in their upcoming Core Scenery throne set.

Agamenmnon hip extension
That’s totally natural.

The Accessories

Since there are so many accessories I wanted to give a few of them a closer look.

Agamenmnon spare face
Put on a happy face!

It’s hard to see from the photo but the pistol grip is painted black.

Agamenmnon movie pistol
“No your Honor, I’ve never seen that weapon before in my life”
Agamenmnon key to Vector Sigma
“Finders Keepers”

the mace is one solid piece that can be held, it does not replace the hand like in the cartoon

Agamenmnon energy mace

Like the original toy, the extra pistol parts can be assembled into a weapon platform.

Agamenmnon weapon platform

The Initial Premium

Agamenmnon Initial Premium

New with Agamenmnon is an “Initial Premium” pack that will only be included with the first release of the figure. The pack contains five effects parts:

  • 1x large blast
  • 1x small blast
  • 3x long blasts
Agamenmnon Initial Premium contents
Agamenmnon large blast effect
Agamenmnon long blast

Sadly, the small blast effect doesn’t really fit onto the 1986 movie pistol. The barrel is the right size but the sight prevents it from being connected securely. Since the effect parts are made of soft plastic, I’m sure you could force it over the sight, but I haven’t tried.

It does, however, attach to weapons included with other releases, Abadon for example.

Agamenmnon small blast

The Pistol Mode

The pistol mode looks great, just remember to lock everything in place to minimize gaps.

Agamenmnon pistol mode

The adapter looks a little odd when attached (perhaps it doubles as a “grenade”) but does allow you to connect the effect pieces.

Agamenmnon pistol mode effect piece adapter

You can also trick it out with all of the accessories

Agamenmnon pistol mode with all accessories

Transformation Highlights

One step of he transformation that was a pleasant surprise was that of the left arm into pistol mode. Despite the two arms looking the same, the left forearm splits and extends out to form the side of the pistol and cover the neck gap from robot mode.

Agamenmnon left arm transformation 1
The entire right side of the pistol mode is composed of the robot’s left arm …
Agamenmnon left arm transformation 2
… here’s the arm moved away from the pistol body …
Agamenmnon left arm transformation 3
… and the opposite side where you can see all of the parts tucked away …
Agamenmnon left arm transformation 4
… the top folds up to make the shoulder and the fist is on a post which the entire forearm rotates around …
Agamenmnon left arm transformation 5
… and done.

The Conclusion

This is a fantastic version of Megatron, it has an amazing transformation that is both complex and fun.

Agamenmnon showing off weapon platform

According to New Age Toys, there is a “mystery accessory” for Agamenmnon that will be given to people who pre-order all three of their upcoming 1984 Seekers.

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H9 Agamenmnon

Update: New Legs with Leviathan

New Age Toys put together a new set of legs to go with their original Agemenmnon which was included with Leviathan for those who pre-ordered all three Stormtroopers.

Robot mode comparison
Read all about Agemenmnon’s New Pants!

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