New Age H7B Riddick

Riddick, aka Diaclone Onebox Cherry Vanette, has arrived at JunkionHQ!

The Box

As is becoming the signature of New Age Toy’s Multiverse sub-line, the box features a drawing of Riddick instead of a view of the toy.

Riddick box

Although Diaclone inspired, the box art clearly shows Shattered Glass Optimus Prime “on the comm”.

Riddick box back

Inside the box you get the standard instructions, two sets of extra hands, “liquid nitrogen” nozzle and rifle.

Riddick box contents

The Robot

Riddick robot mode
Riddick side
Riddick back

Sharp-eyed readers might notice the blue eyes instead of the red shown on the box and in all of the promotional photography. New Age Toys is aware of the issue and will be producing replacement heads which will be shipped out to dealers.

New Age Toys has released a statement (translated by NOCV on TFW2005) about a factory error with Riddick. The eyes were supposed to be red but some were painted blue and some black. They will be sending dealers properly painted replacement heads. On the plus side, now you can mix and match to give McCoy some color contrast if you got the blue-eyed version or make your own Zombie Ironhide with the black-eyed version.

Riddick head

The Vannette

The nannette looks good in black.

Riddick vehicle mode

The Name

Following their pattern, the name presumably comes from Riddick (2013).

The Conclusion

Diaclones unite!

Riddick with Kitt - Diaclone Legends

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H7B Riddick

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