New Age H10, H11, H12 Psi Commando Set

New Age Toy’s first G1-styled not-Decepticons have arrived!

The Box

Abadon, Berial and Asmodeus are bundled together in a box reminiscent of the original G1 packaging featuring the slogan “Psychic ready. My Command is your wish!”

Psi Commandos box
Bugs not sold separately!
Psi Commandos box back

The top and side of the box labels them as “Psi Commando” Abadon, Berial and Asmodeus.

Psi Commandos box top

Inside the box are the three bugs, each with a weapon and an Energon cube, and a large instruction sheet.

Psi Commandos box contents

Unfortunately, possibly due to the plastic being used, every Energon Cube has a large flaw along one side.

Psi Commando Energon Cube

H10 Abadon

Abadaon, was always most likely to be my favorite from this set. Kickback was the only Insecticon that I owned the first time around so it holds a special place for me. However, even if that wasn’t the case, this would still be my favorite Psi Commando!

Abadon robot mode
Abadon robot mode side
Abadon robot mode back
Abadon face
Abadon rifle

Like the G1 version, Abadon’s chest opens

Abadon robot mode chest open

Unlike the G1 version, Abadon’s insect fore-legs are stored within the chest cavity.

Abadon robot mode back open

One of my favorite parts of the transformation is how the shoulders lock into the wings for robot mode.

Abadon robot mode shoulder

The robot arms form an abdomen for a more accurate grasshopper mode.

Abadon insect mode

H11 Berial

Berial, aka Shrapnel, is my second favorite from this set, the biggest “flaw” is that the insect legs stick out of the robot back. I’m happy to overlook that considering how great the rest of the figure is.

Berial robot mode
Berial robot mode side
Berial robot mode back
Berial face
Berial rifle

Like the G1 version, Berial’s chest opens.

Berial robot mode chest open

When transforming to stag beetle mode, the fists lock into the legs for stabilization.

Berial bug mode fists
Berial insect mode

H11 Asmodeus

Asmodeus, aka Bombshell, has one flaw in robot mode, no ankle tilt like the rest of the set. This is necessitated by the transformation mechanics and it’s certainly not a fatal flaw.

Asmodeus robot mode
Asmodeus robot mode side
Asmodeus robot mode back
Asmodeus face

Bombshell’s “Twin Ion Impulse Blaster” from G1 is absent, replaced by a larger version of the rhinoceros beetle horn which makes his insect mode toy accurate and his robot mode anime accurate.

Asmodeus rifle

Like the G1 version, Asmodeus’s chest opens but, due to the transformation mechanics, the head is attached so it has a very different effect.

Asmodeus robot mode chest open

When transforming to rhinoceros beetle mode, the fists lock into the legs for better stabilization.

Asmodeus bug mode fists
Asmodeus insect mode

The Comparisons

I was never fully satisfied with the Legend Class Insecticons. Being released in three separate lines the colors don’t match.

Abadon with Kickback
Berial and Skrapnel
Asmodeus and Bombshell

The only Legend Class Insecticon that almost fits with these is Chop Shop who, as a Deluxe Insecticon stands a little taller.

Psi Commandos and Chop Shop

The Conclusion

I can’t recommend this set enough, the figures are super fun and, despite their size, come very close to Manero, their best figure to date.

And they’re not done yet! There are at least two more versions of the Psi Commandos on the way (anime repaints and the translucent version) with rumors of a Diaclone repaint to follow.

Psi Commandos insect mode

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H10, H11, H12

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