New Age H8 Miller

New Age Toy’s Miller (aka Gi Ratchet) has arrived. They’ve released so many figures in such a short amount of time it’s been hard keeping up! McCoy and the Insecticons are already in the mail with Riddick and the anime-Insecticons ready to ship.

The Box

Miller box
Miller box back

Inside the box, you get two extra sets of hands, a Marvel Comics-inspired red helmeted head, welder hand, a rifle and, unexpectedly, Ironhide’s liquid nitrogen dispenser attachment.

Miller box contents

The Robot

The robot mode looks pretty good but it’s not without issues.

Miller robot mode

For many people, the visible pins in the legs will be enough to ruin the figure. For me I don’t mind too much although I do with they had been capped or painted, perhaps they will be in an H8EX release.

Miller robot mode
Miller robot mode

The big issue for me is the fact that the chest and shoulders do not lock into place. The shoulders tend to wander a bit whenever you move the arms.

Miller unlocked chest

I didn’t expect to like the Marvel Comics head but it makes a nice contrast to the all-white robot mode and I plan to keep it installed.

Miller Marvel head

The Vannette

The vehicle mode is very true to the source however you do need to be careful to keep the panels properly aligned to minimize gaps.

Miller vehicle mode

The Name

According to speculation by Autobrat Leader, TFW2005 boards Miller is named after an emergency vehicle company called McCoy Miller.

The Conclusion

Overall this is a great toy with a surprisingly complex transformation for a toy on this scale.

Miller accessorized

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H8 Miller

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