New Age H2V G2 Manero

The first of the new Maneros (Manerii?) has arrived at JunkionHQ!

The Box

Originally announced as H2V, G2 Manero’s packaging is labeled 02G, which was already used for Capoeira. Because of this, I’m sticking with the original numbering for this post and my unofficial catalog.

G2 Manero box
G2 Manero box back

Inside the box, you find the expected Manero accessories as well as two of the missile launcher from Harry in G2-inspired blue and green.

G2 Manero box contents

The Robot

The first thing that you’ll notice about the robot mode is that it doesn’t look like the box art. On the box we can see the entire musical note from the hood on the robot’s chest. On the toy, we can only see the bottom of the note which is rather odd. I thought at first that they were trying to replicate the exact layout found on G2 Jazz, it’s further forward on the hood there, more like the box art.

G2 Manero robot mode
G2 Manero robot mode side
G2 Manero robot mode back

I don’t think Harry’s missile launchers really work here since the hollow “bottom” is exposed when mounted on Manero’s shoulder. It also doesn’t look anything like the launcher that came with G1 toy or even the G1 version.

G2 Manero robot mode launcher

The Porsche

I’m still surprised that they included the “Jazz” details on the windshield and spoiler. I’m guessing that, since Hasbro no longer owns the trademark (they have to use “Autobot Jazz” now themselves), they felt safe enough. The result, however, is a fantastic and complete tribute to the G2 toy.

G2 Manero vehicle mode
G2 Manero vehicle mode

The Comparisons

In robot mode the G2 version, paradoxically, comes off as pretty plain.

Manero robot mode comparison
Manero robot mode comparison
Manero robot mode comparison

Vehicle mode is where the G2 markings become obvious and this release starts to stand on its own.

Manero vehicle mode comparison

Here’s a shot of the missile launchers beside Harry’s, no changes except for the paint job.

G2 Manero vs Harry missile launchers

The Conclusion

A nice release, especially for those of us who remember the G2 toy line, but it’s certainly not for everyone. For now it will be displayed with the other odd-ball releases from this line.

G2 Manero robot mode armed

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H2V G2 Manero

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