New Age H2EX Martini Manero

The hyper-detailed Martini Manero from New Age Toys has arrived at JunkionHQ!

The Box

Originally announced as H2EX, Martini Manero’s packaging is labeled 02M. Like with G2 Manero, I’m sticking with the original numbering for this post and my unofficial catalog.

Manero EX box
Manero EX box back

Inside the box you get all the same accessories that came with the original version.

Manero EX box contents

The Robot

Like the original release, the robot mode is clever and fun, the best we’ve seen in this line so far, now with beautiful details.

Manero EX robot mode
Manero EX robot mode
Manero EX robot mode

They even painted the tiny little details on Manero’s chest.

Maneros robot mode chest details

The Porsche

Here’s where the new details really shine, it truly looks like a shrunken down version of the original toy.

Manero EX vehicle mode
(Autobot symbol sold separately)
Maneros vehicle mode side details
Maneros vehicle mode hood details
Maneros vehicle mode windshield details
Maneros vehicle mode spoiler details
Maneros vehicle mode spoiler details

The Comparisons

Here are all four Maneros side by side:

Maneros robot mode
Maneros robot mode
Maneros robot mode back
Maneros vehicle mode

The Conclusion

The Legendary Heroes line is occasionally referred to as “mini-Masterpieces” and, for me, this release fits that description perfectly. My perfect Masterpiece is an accurate real-world vehicle mode, like Diaclone, paired with a robot mode that strikes a balance between the cartoon and the original toy.

Stacked Masterpieces
A tiny masterpiece indeed!

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H2EX Manero

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