New Age H4G Black Rain

The torrent continues: another New Age release has arrived!

The Box

The box is similar to the G1-inspired boxes but with an all-black background.

Black Rain box
Black Rain box back

Inside the box you get the standard instructions, a rifle and two missile launchers.

Black Rain box contents

The Robot

No changes from Murphy here except for the silver paint job which is limited to just the external body panels of the vehicle mode.

Black Rain robot mode
Black Rain robot mode side
Black Rain robot mode back

The Datsun

Again, no changes here besides the, very nice, shiny new paint job. Looking at this makes me long for a re-release of Gremlin with a proper gold paint-job.

Black Rain vehicle mode

The Comparisons

Here’s Maverick, Black Rain and Kitt side-by-side:

Black Rain comparisons robot
Black Rain comparisons robot side
Black Rain comparisons robot back
Black Rain comparisons robot back

The Name

The name appears to come from the movie Black Rain released in 1989.

The Conclusion

For G1 fans, this is your toy-inspired Bluestreak!

Black Rain comparisons robot back
Choose your own Bluestreak!

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H4G Black Rain

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