New Age H3B Kitt

Another day, another Datsun: New Age Toys’ Diaclone No. 7 Fairlady Z blue version inspired Kitt has arrived.

The Box

Th box is very similar to Maverick‘s with a very strong 1970’s feel that replacing the racing flag pattern with a sea green background and removing the Ark Warrior badge. Unlike the rest of the Bluestreak-inspired releases which were numbered H4_, Kitt has been added to Harry‘s numbering scheme: H3B.

Kitt box
Kitt box back

Like the rest of the Datsuns this includes the rifle and two of the same missile launchers that came with Harry for a more toy-inspired look.

Kitt box contents

The Robot

No changes from Murphy except for the blue. I was a little concerned by some of the early photos of this figure that the shade of blue would be overwhelming but, in hand, it looks fine.

Kitt robot mode
Kitt robot mode side
Kitt robot mode back

The Datsun

Again, no changes here besides the blue paint job.

Kitt vehicle mode

The Comparisons

To really show off the blue, here’s Kitt with Maverick.

Kitt and Black Rain robot mode
Kitt and Black Rain robot mode side
Kitt and Black Rain robot mode

The Name

With the double T, this is clearly a reference to the Knight Industries Two Thousand (aka KITT) from Knight Rider (1982)

The Conclusion

There is now a Bluestreak for everyone; animation, toy or Diaclone. I have no doubt that there will be clear versions in the near future for those of you that just need more Datsuns.

Kitt robot mode armed

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H3B Kitt

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