New Age H2T Kagemusha

The ghost of Manero has arrived at JunkionHQ!

The Box

The box is a ghostly blue, reminiscent of the packaging for e-HOBBY’s clear release Binaltech Rijie (aka Mirage).

Kagamusha box
Kagamusha box back

Inside the box are translucent versions of all of the accessories that came with the original Manero.

Kagamusha box contents

The Robot

The translucent plastic looks pretty good in robot mode.

Kagamusha robot mode
Kagamusha robot mode side
Kagamusha robot mode back

The Porsche

Vehicle mode, however suffers from the translucent plastic due to all of the, now extremely visible, panel lines and hinges.

Kagamusha vehicle mode

The Name

Unlike his release-mate, Kagemusha retained the name he was originally solicited with which appears to come from a movie released in 1980: Kagemusha.

The Comparisons

With the original Manero:

Kagamusha with Manero robot mode
Kagamusha with Manero robot mode
Kagamusha with Manero robot mode
Kagamusha with Manero vehicle mode

The Conclusion

The Manero mold is the best one that New Age Toys has released so far.

Kagamusha fully accessorized

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H2T Kagemusha

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