New Age H2PT Cyclops

Translucent Multiverse Cyclops has arrived at JunkionHQ!

The Box

Another G1-inspired grid, this time with an artist’s rendition of the figure inside.

Cyclops clear box
Cyclops clear box back

Just like the previous Cyclops, all you get inside the box is the figure and instructions sheet.

Cyclops clear box contents

New Age originally solicited this release as H02PT Vizla, but the name was dropped for the official release. This is doubly odd when you consider that the translucent Manero announced at the same time retained it’s dedicated Kagemusha naming.

The Robot

No surprises here except that, with the translucent plastic the color darkens to a deeper purple that is a better fit for the character.

Cyclops clear robot mode
Cyclops clear robot mode side
Cyclops clear robot mode back

The Porsche

Unlike Kagemusha, the vehicle mode doesn’t suffer quite as bad from the visible panel lines and hinges. Again, the deeper purple has improved the look.

Cyclops clear vehicle mode

The Comparisons

With the original Cyclops:

Cyclops clear robot mode comparison
Cyclops clear robot mode comparison side
Cyclops clear robot mode comparison back

The Conclusion

The color alone might be enough to convince some to pick this up over the original release.

Cyclopses - after image
There’s an after-image in the image we’re receiving…

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H2PT Cyclops

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