New Age H5B Alonzo

Basic black is a great look for the Maverick mold!

The Box

Alonzo’s box is inspired by the 2007 movie toy line packaging and includes a huge window on the front.

Alonzo box

It is the first release in the line that was not given a function. Even Multiverse Cyclops was had a function of “Security Police”.

There’s also a movie-style bumblebee logo on the back

Alonzo box back

In the box you get a rifle, two shoulder cannons and the same instruction sheet that came with Harry.

Alonzo box contents

It is a little disappointing that they painted the weapons gold instead of just casting them in that color. The unpainted rifle handle really stands out and the extra paint makes the shoulder cannons extremely difficult to use.

The Robot

The robot mode doesn’t have any changes from Maverick with the sole exception of having Harry’s roof.

Alonzo side
Alonzo back
Alonzo head

The Datsun

Here’s where this release really shines! The classic black and white police car looks fantastic.

Alonzo vehicle mode
Alonzo vehicle door POLICE
Sadly mine has a scratch on the door that really stands out in close-ups.
Alonzo: to punish V enslave...
The language barrier turns Barricade’s slogan into “to punish V enslave…”
Alonzo vehicle POLICE

The Comparisons

Side-by-side with Harry

Alonzo with Harry
Alonzo and Harry vehicle mode
Alonzo and Harry vehicle mode

Side-by-side with Maverick

Alonzo with Maverick
Alonzo and Maverick vehicle mode

When side-by-side with Maverick and Harry

Alonzo with Maverick and Harry
Maverick, Alonzo and Harry vehicle mode

The Name

When I first Googled the name, the most fitting thing that I saw was on the Urban Dictionary where it’s defined as “tall dark and handsome”. However, ty_starr on TFW2005 had a thought that fits the pattern better, “Alonzo references the movie Training Day. Denzel Washington played a dirty cop named Alonzo.”

The Conclusion

Although this is another oddball release like Cyclops I’m very glad they did it.

Alonzo robot mode armed

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H5B Alonzo

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