New Age H4 Murphy

The rapid-fire releases continue with Murphy, aka G1 Bluestreak in animation colors.

The Box

The box is a G1 tribute in the same vein as Max.

Murphy box
Murphy box back
Murphy box top

Inside the box you get instructions, a rifle and two redesigned shoulder cannon.

Murphy box contents

The Robot

The anime colors look great on this mold and the red parts really pop.

Murphy robot mode
Murphy robot mode side
Murphy robot mode back
Murphy head

Here’s a close-up of the new anime-style shoulder cannons.

Murphy shoulder cannon

The Datsun

Not surprisingly, the vehicle mode is just as impressive as the other Datsuns.

Murphy vehicle mode
Murphy hood

The wheels are dark grey rather than black.

Murphy wheel

The Comparisons

Side-by-side with Harry:

Murphy with Harry
Murphy with Harry side
Murphy with Harry back
Murphy with Harry vehicle mode

The Name

As originally speculated by Scurv on the TFW2005 boards, the name comes from Robocop (1987). This thought was most succinctly put by zeroblue2099 on TFW2005, “Alex Murphy starts the movie as a cop (Prowl) and is rebuilt into a black and silver cyborg”.

The Conclusion

This will be the primary Bluestreak for my display as far as robot mode goes.

Murphy armed

Get yours where I got mine: Show.Z Store – New Age H4 Murphy

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