New Age H6B Max V2

The blue version of Max (aka Go Bots Pathfinder) has arrived at JunkionHQ!

The Box

Max V2’s box is pretty much the same as V1.

Max V2 box

One odd thing about the back of the box is that it shows the clear display stand that’s included with the other versions of Max.

Max V2 box back

In the box you get the same instructions and three piece “beam up” stand (this time in yellow).

Max V2 box contents
Backwards Max, just like in the box

The Name

The one thing that bothers me about this release is the name: Max V2. Their first Go Bot inspired release wasn’t called Flipper V2. They’ve even given names to all of the Bluestreak variants; Murphy for the animation silver and black version, Kitt for Diaclone blue, and Black Rain for the all silver toy version. So why does Max’s repaint miss out?

Max V2 box bottom
Just call me Max too

The Robot

Max is an enormously adorable rotund little figure, now in blue

Max V2 robot mode
Max V2 side
Max V2 back
Max V2 head
Not actually evil despite the red eyes!
Max V2 chest
Max V2 UFO front
Max V2 balanced on stand


The UFO mode looks great in blue!

Max V2 UFO
Max V2 UFO on stand

The Comparisons

Here are both versions of Max.

Max V2 with V1
(Autobot symbol sold separately)
Max V2 UFO mode with V1

The Conclusion

Being a straight repaint, this figure is just as good as the original Max. I still wish he had a name though.

Max V2 partying with V1

360 Degree Turnaround

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