New Age H2G Capoeira

Capoeira (aka G1 Stepper, Ricochet or Manero repaint #1) is here!

The Box

Like Max, Capoeira’s box is G1 inspired with a grid starburst pattern behind the robot mode photo.

Capoeira box
Capoeira box back

Since this is a limited release it reuses the instructions created for Manero. You also get a gold version of the rifle.

Capoeira box contents

The Robot

All the glory of Manero in black and gold!

Capoeira robot mode
Capoeira side
Capoeira back

As you can see on the box, New Age is a bit fixated with mounting the rifle on the figure’s shoulder which, for me, just reinforces that it does not include a version of Nebulon (aka Nightstick) who originally would have been placed there.

Capoeira shoulder rifle
No really, it’s a Target Master

The Porsche

Just like the original toy, this Porsche 935 Turbo looks fantastic in black!

Capoeira vehicle
Capoeira door detail
Capoeira hood detail
Capoeira vehicle wheel

The Comparisons

This is a pure repaint, but the colors really pop.

Capoeira with Manero
(Autobot symbol sold separately)
Capoeira vehicle with Manero
(Autobot symbol sold separately)

Here he is with United Stepper, a great repaint of my favorite modern Jazz mold.

Capoeira with Stepper
Capoeira vehicle mode with Stepper

360 Degree Turnaround

The Conclusion

A great looking repaint that I am very happy to have in my New Age display!

Capoeira with Manero
(Autobot symbol sold separately)

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