My final 1984 Masterpiece mini-bot, Boost (aka Windcharger) has arrived at Junkion HQ!

The Box

The box featured a nice illustration of the figure in robot mode on the front and G1-style tech specs on the back.

Boost box

Unfortunately, they sealed the box with large “X-Transbots” decals that cover the edges of the tech specs.

Boost box back

In the box you’ll find a pistol, tractor beam attachment, toy visor with compatible head piece, trading card and instructions book.

Boost box contents

Another cool thing about the box is that it was designed to be displayed along side the box for mold-mate Hatch. The front of the box is actually a single illustration of both figures and the back shares a line drawing of the robot mode.

Boost and Hatch boxes
Boost and Hatch boxes back

The Robot

Boost robot mode

The robot mode looks great but the transformation has a lot of steps that require parts to be precisely positioned. When transforming the arms you can’t just fold out the hands, you have to manipulate the hand around a raised edge on the forearm starting with the thumb then spinning it so that the palm clears the edge. The feet are an even more awkward with multiple parts that have to be positioned just right before everything can be rotated into place. I’m not sure I’ve managed to do it in the correct sequence yet, I usually just fiddle with it until the pieces finally fall into place.

Boost tractor beam
Boost with his TOE* tractor beam from The Ultimate Doom.

The Trans-Am

Windcharger’s G1 vehicle mode was not nearly as deformed as Cliffjumper‘s or even Bumblebee‘s retaining a similar basic shape as a classic Trans-Am so it is much less of change to see such a realistic vehicle mode.

Boost vehicle mode

One thing I always appreciate is having a place to store weapons while in vehicle mode. Boost can not only store his pistol but also his tractor beam between the rear wheels.

Boost vehicle mode weapon storage

The Masterpiece

X-Transbots did a good job matching Boost with MP-21, on display they certainly look like they are from the same line.

Boost with Bumblebee robot mode
(Autobot symbol sold separately)

In vehicle mode, Boost fits right in too.

Boost with Bumblebee vehicle mode
(Autobot symbol sold separately)

The Conclusion

I ordered this set as soon as the pre-order appeared in June 2018, long before I even knew there would be multiple versions. As it turns out, I got the one I would have picked anyways! The chrome legs on the other two versions wouldn’t really fit with the rest of my Masterpiece collection.

Boost with Bumblebee robot mode
(Autobot symbol sold separately)

* That One Episode” – the obligatory accessory that the character used once in the cartoon.

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