Prime Wars Trilogy Blast Off with Megatronus

The first of the Prime Wars Trilogy Exclusives has arrived at JunkionHQ and wow, is it a great start!

Blast Off box back

The Figure

The figure is a very good update of the G1 figure and includes the  chest details from the original.

Blast Off

The Shuttle

Transformation is always a bit worrisome for me with this mold, the shuttle nose always feels on the verge of breaking off. In fact, I often find myself removing it for transformation just to calm my nerves.

Blast Off shuttle mode

The Comparisons

Blast Off is my second favorite Combaticon just edged out by Brawl.


Here he is with a gold-box reissue of the original figure. The colors are spot on even down to the faux windows on the forearms.

Blast Off with G1

Unlike the G1 toy, the shuttle mode is more of an “inspired by” space shuttle.

Blast Off vehicle mode with G1

Unite Warriors

This is the second release of this mold, the first being part of the Unite Warriors Bruticus box set. While TakaraTomy chose to make the top of the shuttle the chest, Hasbro literally gone the other way.

Blast Off with Unite Warriors

The new release is an olive green like the original toy where UW is mostly a light brown. The biggest issue with the shuttle mode is the fact that, since the arms have been swapped, the hollow parts end up being very visible.

Blast Off vehicle mode with Unite Warriors

The combiner hand is a dark grey rather than the silver on the UW version and the fingers are slightly lighter grey. The pistol is glossy black instead of a matte dark grey.

Combiner parts comparison


Megatronus, for me, was initially just a useless add-on. However, in hand, I find that I really like version of the Prime Master.

Special Edition Megatronus

The special-edition Megatronus switches the light grey plastic with clear red and the dark grey with black. The outside of the arms have been painted grey leaving the fists in red which is a really nice look. The thighs have also been painted grey. The head is painted grey as well with a black face and unpainted eyes that allow for light-piping!

Megatronus light piping

Prime Masters

Megatronus comparison

While the original release had a very Megatron color scheme, I like that the special edition stands on it’s own.

Megatronus comparison robot mode

The Conclusion

This version of Blast Off will take his place on display in place of his Unite Warriors equivalent.


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