Power of the Primes Cindersaur

PotP Cindersaur is a remold of Titans Return Slash.

Cindersaur on card

The Card

Cindersaur card front

My version of Cindersaur came with a card for the Amalgamous Cindersaur combination.

Takes the form of a fire truck... and starts fires.

Uh, is that a Fire Truck or a truck made of fire?

The Robot

The robot mode doesn’t really look like Cindersaur from G1 except for the color scheme but it is a good excuse to re-release a great new mold.

Cindersaur robot mode

The Velociraptor

Cindersaur dino mode

Cindersaur’s original beast mode was really more of a dragon than a dinosaur but this is passable for a repaint.

Prime Master Integration

Like Slash, there is a Prime Master cockpit on the dinosaur’s back.

Cindersaur with Liege Maximo


Cindersaur robot mode with Slash

The only difference between Cindersaur and Slash is a new robot head.

Cindersaur dino mode with Slash

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