Power of the Primes Outback

PotP Outback is a remold of Titans Return Brawn.

Outback on card

The Card

Outback card front

My version of Outback came with a card for the Quintus Prime combination.

Quintus Outback - Seeds Civilizations without laws or rules.

The Robot

The robot mode replaces the Autobot logo on the chest with a multi-color box like the one the original G1 figure had. The down side to this is that there really isn’t an Autobot logo visible in robot mode. It also features a new head to better reflect the character.

Outland robot mode

The Truck

The truck mode seems a bit incomplete since there is no cannon included with this figure which was, literally, a big part of the G1 release.

Outback vehicle mode

This is the only mode where the single, tiny, Autobot logo is visible.

Outback vehicle mode side view

Prime Master Integration

Like Brawn, the cockpit opens so that you can put a Prime Master inside.

Outback Prime Master


Aside from the head and the paint job, there aren’t any changes from the original Brawn release.

Outland with Brawn robot mode
Outback with Brawn vehicle mode

This is my second Outback in rapid succession having recently picked up BadCube’s Backland.

Outland with Backland robot mode
Outback with Backland vehicle mode

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