BadCube OTS-3 Backland

Although Brawny was a little eclipsed by Huff, which arrived on the same day, it’s still a great figure. When I saw an opportunity to pick up Backland (aka Masterpiece Outback), which is sold out everywhere, I jumped at the chance.

The Box

Backland box

Continuing their two tone style, the box is brown and beige to match the figure inside.

Backland box contents

This is the original version so it does not include the spare face and TOE frisbee bomb accessory that were sold in the Quintesson Journal pack. The standard TOE Decepticon detector (which stores in the fuel can like Brawny’s pistol) and large roof-mounted cannon came with both releases.

"BadCube 2014" comes from "CUBEX 2013"

Being the original release it also has an explanation that BadCube is the new version of Cubex.

The Figure

Backland robot mode

To differentiate him from Brawny, Backland has the truck grill over his head and faux window panels on his shoulders to evoke his G1 toy and cartoon appearances. Personally, I would have preferred that the grill fold away like Brawny’s does but this way, I guess, he doesn’t need to worry about the rain.

Backland Decepticon detector

I really wish there was someplace to store the Decepticon detector in robot mode when not in use. It can’t just be left in the box since it’s the core of the fuel can in vehicle mode and the other two parts of the can fill in the robot calves. So you end up with a choice: spare part or gappy legs.

The Truck

Backland vehicle mode

I like that they gave Backland a detailed winch instead of the plain bumper on Brawny just like the G1 version had.

Backland & Brawny gas cans

The biggest issue with the vehicle mode is the gap in the gas can where the Decepticon detector is hidden which is not a problem Brawny had.

The Comparison

Backland & Brawny robot mode

Some comparison shots to really show off the differences between his mold-mate Brawny. He comes out a bit taller due to his head piece.

Backland & Brawny side view

In the side view you can see the faux windows attached to the shoulders which make getting the arms properly positioned for vehicle mode much more challenging than with Brawny.

Backland vehicle mode with Brawny

Vehicle mode complete with signature roof cannon.


Brawny, Backland & Bumblebee robot mode

(Autobot symbols sold separately)

Just like Brawny, Backland fits in well with the rest of the Masterpiece line.

Brawny, Backland & Bumblebee vehicle mode

(Autobot symbols sold separately)

The Conclusion

Backland, Brawny & Slick

(Autobot symbols sold separately)

This is the fifth BadCube MP mini-bot that I’ve purchased and leaves me with only Grump on my want list.

* That One Episode” – the obligatory Masterpiece accessory that the character used once in the cartoon.

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