Power of the Primes Snarl

The final two Dinobots have finally arrived at Junkion HQ!

Snarl on card

The Card

Snarl card front

My version of Snarl came with a card for Alchemist Prime.

Alchemist Snarl: Changes Earth soil into Cybertronian metal

The Robot

I think the tail sections look even better in this version than the original.

Snarl robot mode

With the sword the armor mode actually looks passable, like a knight.

Snarl robot mode in armor

The Dinosaur

Snarl in Stegasaurus mode is very close to the original, although the extra gold behind the head looks a bit odd.

Snarl dino mode

Prime Master Integration

Alchemist Snarl actually doesn’t look as good as the stock filler plate.

Alchemist Snarl


The entire team together at last.

Dinobots robot mode

Here they are together in dino mode.

Power of the Primes Dinobots


Finally, the beast is assembled

Dinobot Volcanus

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