Power of the Primes Sludge

The final two Dinobots have finally arrived at Junkion HQ!

Sludge on card

The Card

Sludge card front

My version of Sludge came with a card for Nexus Prime.

Nexus Sludge: Makes Volanicus create earthquakes with each step

The Robot

A good looking robot mode, my only complaint is that I wish the “wings” were positioned higher.

Sludge robot mode

Armor mode, which totally justifies the large hole in his chest.

Sludge robot mode armor

The Dinosaur

Sludge in Brontosaurus mode is pretty hard to complain about.

Sludge dino mode


Unlike every other deluxe Dinobot, the mounting post on Sludge’s combiner hand is gold instead of black.

Sludge Combiner Hand


The entire team together at last.

Dinobots robot mode

Here they are together in dino mode.

Power of the Primes Dinobots


Finally, the beast is assembled.

Dinobot Volcanus

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