Terrorcon #2 has arrived at Junkion HQ!

Rippersnapper on card

The Card

Rippersnapper card front

My version of Rippersnapper came with a card for Leige Maximo.

Rippersnapper card back

The Robot

This is a fantastic update of the original G1 version.

Rippersnapper robot mode

Armor mode – ready for anything.

Rippersnapper robot mode with armor

Beast Mode

The beast mode is also a good update but the tail feels a little odd as if it has just been tacked on.

Rippersnapper beast mode

Since the beast and the robot both share the same chest the combiner hand can be mounted as chest armor on both.

Rippersnapper beast mode with armor

Blue belly beast

One fun thing about this figure is how his head is located in beast mode which gives him a special “cosplay” mode.

Rippersnapper cosplay mode

Prime Master Integration

Here’s Leige Maximo Rippersnapper “shredding his enemies with a tidal wave of insults” per the included card.

Leige Maximo Rippersnapper


Slowly putting Abominus together…

Rippersnapper combiner mode

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